Yet another Tantus Ryder review, They are becoming almost synonymous with sex toy reviewer’s but in all honesty that more a testament to Tantus than anything, When there are this many reviews of a single product floating around it’s either for a very good reason or a less than desirable one but if you’re looking for the short answer it’s  the former.

The Ryder is an all silicone butt plug made from Tantus’s wonderful unique ultra-premium silicone that is extremely easy to clean but more importantly 100% body safe! This is important people! You wouldn’t make something to eat using cookware or utensils that could leech toxins into your body (At least I hope you wouldn’t) so why would you buy something that could do the same but is meant to go *inside* of you? I cannot stress how important doing your research about body safe toys is. The Ryder comes in at a around 13cm in total height, 11cm of which is insertable and at it’s widest point measures 13 cm around(4.2cm diameter). Normally I would make a note of the packaging and post a few pictures but I purchased this via Tantus’s wonderful grab bag program so instead of the usual Tantus packaging it came in a simple plastic pouch closed with staples and a unoffensive but easily recognizable Tantus logo at the top.

As you can probably see from the pictures the Ryder doesn’t look particularly interesting in fact it looks downright average; And for all intents and purposes it is. But looks can be deceiving because while the Ryder isn’t ostentatious about it’s design it really doesn’t need to be because the way it feels speaks for itself.

In use the Ryder hits a sweet spot in terms of size , It’s not tiny but  also not so large as to rule it out for anal novices, I wouldn’t be my first reccomendation  to a complete beginner though, the rather blunt tip and overall width would make it a bit daunting to a beginner but nothing that some time, relaxation; and a lot of lube can’t overcome, Just make sure the lube is safe for use on silicone, But if there is a lube you would like to use that’s supposedly incompatible you can perform a spot to to ensure it won’t negatively impact the toy.

In any case with enough prep this plug shouldn’t be too much for most people. Once inserted the Ryder is extremely comfortable mostly due to the base which is hands down the best base of any plug I have ever tried, All of Tantus’s plugs should use this base All plugs should use this base or a variation of it, It’s fantastic. The plug is quite firm but it still has a decent amount of give and squish to it, More so in the thinner neck section and not once did I experience any sense that the plug was shifting around or rotating from exactly where you want it; The Ryder is large enough to offer a very satisfying feeling of fullness but those with a lot of experience may want to look into getting something a bit larger. It nestles very comfortable between your cheeks (due to that wonderful base) and  If you have the anatomy for it I also found that it brushed up against my prostate which was a pleasant bonus. The Ryder is definetly suited for extended wear times and not once did I feel like the Ryder was being bothersome or uncomfortable, it doesn’t scream “I’m here! Pay attention to me!” but it’s presence can be felt the whole time, A constant and pleasureable reminder that something is perched between your cheeks.

When all is said and done Tantus has really done an amazing job with the Ryder, It’s not the biggest nor does it have vibrations and patterns and this is a good thing as it allows the Ryder to focus on what it was intended to be; A great all around plug. And at around $38 USD at the time of writing this (Or $18 if you can snag one via the Tantus grab bag system) it’s really a no-brainer to have in your toy box. You can pick it up directly from Tantus at the link below or through your favourite retailer.