The Fun Factory Cobra Libre is a bit of an interesting beast especially amid a veritable sea of male toys meant for thrusting or stroking, The Cobra Libre is designed to be used totally stroke free; None of that old-fashioned pumping and stroking nonsense! Just set it and forget it! Ok so not entirely but it really is quite a interesting toy.


Like a lot of premium toys the Cobra Libre (Referred to from here on out as “CL”) comes in a very tasteful and reserved cardboard box that predominantly displays the product and features – Nowhere on this are you going to find distasteful slang or crass images that all too frequently adorn the packaging of cheaper products. The packaging is a very nice golden colour with different textures across the surface as well; The interior packaging is standard fare, The same highly quality cardboard cradles the toy within but I lost my interior insert somehow so I don’t have any photos to show you – Rest assured that the interior packaging should keep your CL safe during the perils of shipping.

Overview & Design

The CL has an odd shape to it and comes in around 15cm long and 7cm across at its widest point, It’s made mostly of ABS plastic and has a 100% pure silicone cavity at the front of the toy. Before I go any further I should note that I am reviewing the first version of the CL – Fun Factory has released a new version of this toy called the Cobra Libre II which addresses some of the issues people have had with the toy (More on that later). The CL houses two vibration motors and the toy is controlled from the three smooth indents along the top of the toy which is a touch panel – Due to the ABS and silicone construction the CL is completely waterproof and it also makes use of Fun Factory’s magnetic Click ‘N’ Charge system, To charge the toy all you have to do is attach the USB cable to a power source and then the magnetic end of the charger just clicks right onto the Fan Factory logo at the end of the toy and it’s charging! Cleaning the CL is extremely easy thanks to being waterproof, Just run it under water and use some antibacterial soap or use your favourite toy cleaner. It should be noted that only water based or other silicone friendly lube should be used with the CL, If you are unsure do a spot test to ensure the lube is compatible.

I turned the CL on at least 10 times trying to balance it for this shot - Dang you touchpad!


At the front of the CL there is an opening for inserting yourself into but at only around 8cm in total depth you aren’t going to get much more than your head into the toy. Inside of the opening you will immediately feel a raised platform or step that pushes you to towards the top area of stretchy soft silicone, This is meant to situate the frenulum directly on top of the step to more efficiently transfer vibrations from the motors to you. One motor in the CL is situated towards the front of the opening and second motor is a little further back, Because of the use of two motors Fun Factory was able to pull off some pretty interesting vibration patterns as the two motors interact with one another, If one motor is operating much faster than the other this can sometimes resonate with the other motor and cause the toy to rumble and shake because it’s being set off-balance by the motors ( Think about how an unbalanced wheel & tire can make your car shake). The CL comes with a bunch of intensity levels for its constant vibration patterns as well as a multitude of different pattern settings but rather than me try to explain them in detail it’s much easier take a look at the diagram from the user manual.

In Use

If you have just purchased this toy and were expecting instant gratification you are going to be disappointed, Before you can even get around to using the CL Fun Factory recommends charging it for around 16 hours before its first use. You won’t need much lube in order to get yourself inserted into the opening of the toy but it’s definitely required, I tried without it once and it was an unpleasant experience, I wish I could say it was for the sake of the review but it was merely a lapse in judgment on my part – Use lube people!  There are two main positions that Fun Factory advertises for use with the CL one is  buttons facing up while holding the device and the second is laying on your back with the button facing away from your body and the toy resting on your stomach. Once you have chosen your preferred position to use the CL in a brief press of the lower touchpad and it rumbles into life, The vibrations start out with only one motor active and they are fairly weak in intensity but they quickly ramp up and after about four or five presses of the rightmost button both motors are in full swing – In terms of noise the CL isn’t what I would call whisper quiet but it also won’t be alerting the whole house to your actions, On the highest settings it can get reasonably loud but nothing a sheet and a door can’t muffle.

I’ve found that you really can’t rush a session with the CL and the first few times I sat or layed down and tried the CL it really didn’t do much for me and I was starting to regret my purchase but I’m really glad I gave it another chance. Once you slow down, Relax and pay attention to nothing but the vibrations the CL really comes into its own, Starting from a slower speed and slowly working your way through the power settings is my favourite way to use the CL. I never found the patterns provided in the CL to be all that enjoyable for me which reflects my experience with many toys that offer patterns – Some people can get plenty of enjoyment out of them but sadly I’m just not one of them. Once the vibrations start ramping up the feeling this toy produces is unlike anything else I have tried, My whole cock tingles and I can feel the vibrations all through my shaft and scrotum and it’s almost like the rest of my body doesn’t exist because I get so focused on the vibrations coursing through me – But without external stimulation be it anal or watching something really hot I cannot climax from just the vibrations of the CL alone, It’s just a tiny bit to weak to push me over the edge . Once I’d gotten the hang of manipulating the settings on the CL I found I could keep myself in this immensely pleasurable state of what almost feels like a suspended orgasm because I can keep myself there for minutes at a time before succumbing to the desire to climax, And what a climax it is! The orgasms the CL produces are some of the most powerful and intense orgasms I’ve ever had, I’m normally a pretty quiet guy but with the CL that goes right out the window  – These are sheet grabbing , Moaning (Something I had never experienced from a toy before this point), Leg flailing orgasms that take several dumbfounded minutes to catch your breath from.

Sadly though it’s not all roses with the CL as there is one very annoying and major flaw that nearly makes you want to throw it across the room in frustration; The touchpad. Whoever thought that putting a touch sensitive pad on a toy that you’re going to be constantly adjusting settings on wasn’t using all their faculties that day, The touchpad isn’t just bad it’s downright temperamental. The touchpad has a mind of its own and registers presses that aren’t even there, I can’t count the number of times I was right near reaching orgasm and the touchpad thought that I had pressed the power button and it immediately drops back to its lowest power setting, I even tested it to be sure, I completely cleaned the whole toy to ensure nothing was on the pad and put it on a medium power setting and left it running on my bed and multiple times within a 30 minute period it registered phantom presses and reset the power back to low. Issues with the touchpad continue with cleaning the CL as when you are running the toy under water or wiping it down it has a tendency to think you’re trying to power it on and it springs back into life while trying to clean it; Not fun Fun Factory. The cavity in which you insert yourself into is also quite cramped and sometimes feels like your cock has claustrophobia or is getting squeezed which isn’t overly pleasant. The touchpad along with the lack of power in the CL has been rectified in the latest revision of the toy which I am hoping to someday get my hands and do a comparative review between the two but for now all I have is my experiences with this version.


The Cobra Libre offers an extremely unique sensation and masturbation experience, And despite the horrendous touchpad controls I would still recommend the Cobra Libre to people simply for the ferocity and the duration of the orgasms it produces, Of course as with almost everything YMMV but if possible I would recommend buying the Cobra Libre II due to its use of tactile buttons as opposed to the nigh possessed touchpad but if it proves unavailable or the extra noise from the upgraded motors is a concern I don’t think most people would be dissatisfied with its performance. If you’re interested in buying the Fun Factory Cobra Libre you can find it at their official webpage linked below or browse your favourite retailers listings.

Fun Factory