Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo, Cephalopod references and male sex toys!? Odd name but let’s not judge a toy by what  it’s called, Amidst an expanding field of male vibrators the Pulse series by Hot Octopuss differentiate themselves by offering a toy that delivers oscillations instead of vibrations, Will it blend? Does it work?


The Pulse II Solo comes in a very nicely printed cover box that should offer ample protection for your investment during shipping. Inside of the box the Pulse is cradled in a plastic molded tray along with the USB charging cable and a user manual, Oddly enough my Pulse came with two user manuals and two charging cables.

I still cringe every time I see the word “Guybrator”



The Pulse II Solo is a relatively small little toy that comes in around 12cm tall and 7cm wide, The back side of the toy is made from ABS plastic and the front side is made from silicone. Three buttons are all the input options you get, A multifunction power button on the left side and two intensity adjustment buttons on the right side. Charging is handled by the supplied USB cable  the port is on the bottom of the toy behind a small flap in the silicone, Hidden  just above the charging port is a status LED for charging, Red for charging and green for charged. Hot Octopuss labels the Pulse II Solo as 100% waterproof but since I can’t tell if it’s only that flap or if the charging port itself is sealed away from moisture I wouldn’t recommend full submersion as the flap doesn’t inspire confidence. On the top side of the Pulse there are two flexible wings to hold yourself in the channel, right below the wings is where the action happens, There is a raised platform about the size of a toonie that acts as the delivery point for all the vibrations/oscillations. The Pulse feels very well put together for a toy in this price range, It has a good weight and doesn’t feel hollow or cheap, although there is an area of silicone that has a very odd texture that almost looks like residue on my copy that no amount of cleaning seems to rid – You can see it right above the Hot Octopuss branding.

In Use

There are actually a couple of different ways you can start using the Pulse II Solo, If you already have an erection you can fold the two flaps back and insert yourself into the toy or you can slide yourself in from the bottom with some lube (The Pulse is designed to be used with and without lube). If you’d rather have the experience of getting hard in the  toy you can slide yourself in from the bottom.  After you turn the toy on the power button turns into the vibration pattern switch,  Single clicks will scroll through the 5 different vibration patterns and then back to constant vibrations.  Two things were immediately apparent after turning the Pulse  on, The first was that even on a low setting it felt amazing and because it uses oscillations not vibrations it felt totally different to other toys like the Cobra Libre, The second thing is that this toy is LOUD, Very loud. The noise from the Pulse can almost be forgiven as the sensations it produces are simply wonderful, It feels like a really soft jack hammer pounding away on your cock and with absolutely no buzz just driving rumbly vibrations.

After a few minutes using the Pulse I quickly began to realize something that I had been an inkling in my head for a little while, My frenulum isn’t nearly as sensitive as most men. Regardless of how long and what setting the Pulse was on it just couldn’t bring me to orgasm with it on my frenulum, Maybe if I had kept at it I could have but after the 50 minute mark I gave up on that endeavour. Same as the Cobra Libre the pattern settings really didn’t do anything for me and to add to that the patterns on the Pulse II Solo  seemed really rough around the edges, The word that comes to mind in trying to describe them is jarring but I feel that is a bit harsh. Although the Pulse II Solo couldn’t get me off in the regular orientation if I turned the toy around so that the raised plate was on the top of my glans it turned into a totally different toy for me. With the Pulse in the new position  it went from 50 minutes without much response to having to fend of climaxing after only a minute or two,  And the orgasms are extremely powerful once you do decide to give in. Orgasms with the Pulse  come on extremely fast and extremely strong making it a perfect toy to practice edging or if you’re just looking to get off quickly and still have a satisfying orgasm. Often I found myself reaching for the Pulse to have a second or third orgasm with because the sensations were so intense, Refractory period be damned this thing will get the job done! Due to the Pulse being waterproof (with reservations) clean up is easy, a rinse under the tap or a wipe down with a wet cloth should have it looking near new again.

Pulse II On Dildo

Black&White conversion makes everything artsy!…Everything.

Conclusions – Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo

The Pulse II Solo by Hot Octopuss has received near blanket approval from the community and you’re not going to hear much different from me, It’s an extremely well-built toy that offers an extremely pleasurable experience. The only truly disappointing thing about the Pulse was how loud the thing is! I live in close proximity to other people and definitely couldn’t use it without people hearing or being worried that people would hear the entire time,  If discretion is key for you I would have to recommend passing on the Pulse II Solo. Noise levels aside everything else about the Pulse II Solo is a hit! $99 USD is a great price for a rechargeable and waterproof toy  that delivers extremely potent orgasms in record time, If noise isn’t an issue and you feel like trying something new the Pulse II Solo gets my top vote. You can pick up the Pulse II Solo directly from Hot Octopuss here or at your favourite online retailer!