Review: Tantus ProTouch

The Tantus ProTouch sounds a little but like the stance in a debate and looks a little bit like a unpainted prop from the lovable classic E.T. but in reality it’s a silicone prostate/g-spot toy that also vibrates! If you are not mentally scarred by the thought of a vibrating E.T. finger by now I urge you to read on.


I received the ProTouch from Tantus’s Grab Bag system which is an awesome and inexpensive way to purchase some great products from Tantus. Because the ProTouch was a grab bag item it didn’t come in the usual Tantus packaging, Instead it came in a plastic pouch sealed off at the top with a Tantus labeled cardboard logo sealed with a few staples – Simple and effective.


The ProTouch is an interesting looking toy, It’s clearly meant to replicate a human finger but after the second knuckle flares out into wider base and it’s cast in Tantus’s 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. Overall the toy stands about 13cm tall but due to the curve it’s closer to 15cm from tip to base, The tip starts off at a very reasonable 7cm circumference and gradually progresses up to 11cm at the flared ridge right before the base. Along the bottom you’ll find a cavity that comes filled with a Tantus single speed vibrating bullet, The bullet vibe can be removed for cleaning or for attaching a suction cup to the bottom of the toy. In typical Tantus fashion the ProTouch is made from a very firm silicone but due to the thin nature of the toy it’s still quite flexible.

In Use

Now since I lack the parts I will be unable to review the ProTouch as a G-spot toy, This review is all about the prostate! It should be noted that because the ProTouch is made from silicone you should only be using water basted lubricants with it, If you really want to use a another typed of lube do a spot test first to ensure you won’t damage the ProTouch. With adequate lube the tip inserted very easy, The silicone Tantus uses for this toy is glossy and gets wonderfully slippery. Once the tip was in the rest of the toy slid in easy up to the narrow section right before the flared ridge, It was at this point that I decided to try the bullet vibe that the ProTouch came with only to realize that it was completely DOA, Even a fresh set of batteries couldn’t bring it to life and since I don’t have another bullet vibe I couldn’t test out the vibrations at all. With that sad realization behind me  I started to play around with the ProTouch some more but no matter how much twisting, prodding and thrusting was involved I simply could not get the ProTouch to connect with my prostate in any sort of meaningful way, Very brief and unsatisfying brushes was about the best I was able to manage. I also found that the ProTouch always wanted to twist or rotate from where I wanted it while playing, I had to constantly hold it in place otherwise it would spin round and face the wrong way.  Due to the relatively small size difference between the flared ridge and the rest of the base the ProTouch didn’t work as a plug either because it kept wanting to work its way out. Maybe with some sort of vibration I would have been able to feel the ProTouch more but in general my prostate needs very firm pressure that the ProTouch just wasn’t able to deliver. After a while I did come to appreciate the little ridge because that felt pretty good to pop in and out but  sadly it didn’t work as a prostate massager for me, Or a plug and due to the large curve it wasn’t particularly useful for thrusting either. The ProTouch sadly hasn’t seen much use from me, If I do use it during a play session it’s usually as a warm up for other toys.


Honestly I’m not sure how to sum up this review, It’s not like the ProTouch is poorly made or ill thought out, It just simply didn’t work with my anatomy, The bullet vibe not working was unfortunate but Tantus is usually known for their quality and I’m fairly sure that I just received an oddball that didn’t work – It happens. If you know that your prostate only requires very light pressure the ProTouch might work splendidly for you, Or if you’re simply looking for something that resembles a finger. For as much as it didn’t work for me I don’t regret picking up the ProTouch, It fills a needed size gap in my collection and makes a great warm up toy at the beginning of a session, I just don’t get any measurable pleasure from it. If you would like to pick up the Tantus ProTouch you can do so through the link below or at your favourite online retailer.

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