Yet another week, And yet another Monday, But that means Mental Health Mondays!

Hello  everyone and welcome to  Mental Health Monday! This is a weekly installment that will hopefully catch on with other websites and bloggers, whether or not that happens is another story. You can read more over at Mental Health Mondays.

This week hasn’t been so much of a bad week for me as it has been a week for discovery. After having so many people recommend me to try out meditation as a way for me to deal with anxiety and depression I decided to give a try. I spent some time, studied various methods and then set aside the time the following day to try to meditate, After a short while meditating my mind ended up drifting to the places you don’t want it to go, The state of mind where seemingly everything feels like it weighs  200kg and you can’t bear the weight of your problems anymore. I decided to call it quits at the time and see if my state of mind changed the next day, It didn’t. I tried three days in a row and every single time I was left alone with my thoughts and had no distractions I ended up in a head space that I really didn’t want to be in. Maybe at some point I will be in a place where meditation will work for me, And maybe I’ll come to enjoy the act of meditating but currently it’s not worth the mental state it puts me in. Now I know that I’m not currently capable of using meditation for helping my mental state, It sucks that it didn’t work but it’s another thing crossed off the list, So  now I can try to find something that does work for me.


Mental Health Mondays