Fire and ice, Black and White, Trump and being a human being! This week’s MHM is all about opposites!

Hello  everyone and welcome to  Mental Health Monday! This is a weekly installment that I hope catches on and becomes a series that others feel comfortable enough to participate. And hopefully, bring more attention to dealing with mental health. If you’re curious and would like to participate head over to Mental Health Mondays guideline page.

This week has been nothing but a series of extreme ups and downs, I’ve had two days of probably some of the worst depression I’ve had since I started taking my medications again, But I’ve also had a lot of really positive experiences this week too, like a really wonderful talk with my current sex partner and eating some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had.

I should feel lucky that at the end of the week I don’t feel like I’m in a worse place, But that’s just  because I’m too damned tired for anything else. Bouncing between the extremes of depressive episodes and fun social times has made me feel like I’ve been bled dry by an energy vampire. My depressive episodes are usually triggered by something rather than building up over time or just arising, This time, was no different. I had sent a text to a friend and immediately realized that in my already mildly upset state had written a really bad text. The text was basically the epitome of emotional baiting. This was enough to send me into a spiral of self-deprecation and depression for two days.

On the better half of the week, I managed to have a wonderful post-sex conversation with my current sex partner that really cemented and clearly defined our current relationship which took a lot of uncertainty out of my mind. And then afterwards we decided to go to a different Thai food place and had our taste buds thoroughly pleased, Like having food sex after our bang session. And it was amazing.

I’m far too tired to really go into the details of things this week, I have no energy to reflect and type out the details of things this week. My apologies.


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