If you’re a guy interested in anal play, you’ve definitely heard of Aneros. The folks at Aneros make quality toys, and the Vice is not an exception. It’s a vibrator and a prostate massager packed into one. We’ll go in-depth and talk about every aspect of this massager down below.


The Packaging

There’s nothing too special about the packaging of the Aneros. It’s just does what it is supposed to. The exterior is a nice contrast of black and red with minuscule drawings of the Vice drawn about a billion times on the black portion. There a small badge on top right of the front where Aneros is gloating about their AVN “O” Award. review of the Helix by Aneros

The box opens up with a flap inside. The first thing you see is the Vice with it’s vibrator resting comfortable by its side. The plastic holding the Vice does look a little flimsy. But, there’s not much wrong with that. The contents of the box are as follows:

  • The Vice
  • Removable Vibrator
  • One AAA Battery
  • Use Manual


The design of the Vice is one of the specialties of this toy. The huge bulbous toy makes even the task of insertion pleasurable. You’ll feel every single one of those bulbs pop in. It might hurt a bit, but it’ll be really, really fun.

The toy has an insertable length of 4 inches, which, coincidentally, is the same size as the bullet vibrator. The base of the toy is 3.5 inches. This base may seem like a bit too much, but this is just a step by Aneros to ensure the safety of the users. The lengthy base ensures that the toy doesn’t slip in too deep and force you to visit the ER instead of enjoying the big O. Progasm by Aneros is something you should read.


The material of the toy is high-quality, phthalates-free silicone and the bullet is a metal vibrator. Without the vibrator inserted, the silicone is pretty flexible and functions amazingly as a regular prostate massager.


The  vibrations from this toy are really powerful. Most prostate massagers with a vibrator don’t exactly provide sensations on and close to the prostate. Their bullets just aren’t long enough and don’t reach the tip. However, the bullet on Vice does indeed reach the tip of the toy and provide sensations to the prostate. Other than that, there are nine different vibration modes and patterns, but they can be summed up into three categories.

The first category is constant vibrations. This is sort of eerie since the vibrations do get a bit stale a few minutes into the play. The second is more of a to and fro vibration. The vibrations rev up and then slow right back down. The third is a really fast tapping vibration. This is a really great mode and you should use this one as you’re edging towards climax.

A small portion of the bullet is exposed towards the bottom of the toy. This base has a tiny button that can be used to switch between the vibration patterns. You can hold it for a couple of seconds to turn the bullet on and off and click it to change the patterns.