Most of you have probably heard of Asa Akira. This Japanese-American bombshell is not a woman that guys can forget. Her stunning looks and amazing bod have earned her quite the name in adult films and due to this very reason, she’s been the star of over 500 movies. Yes, you read that right. This foreign beauty has over 500 porn movies online, but before you go and start googling her, there’s something out there that could actually tell you what it would feel like to be inside her. Given her popularity, Fleshlight Girls thought that it would be a good idea to make a fleshlight molded from the insides of the goddess herself – Well, as far as we know, there yet to be a complaint against this thought. What’s it like to be with Jenna Haze

The Interior

Asa Akira’s variant of the fleshlight is a lot different as compared to most of the products released by the company. Usually Fleshlight Girls puts a ton of different chambers inside the fleshlight so that guys get a different style of sensation as they move deeper into the toy. Asa Akira doesn’t do this. There’s just one long with rotating chambers with a bunch of curves, bumps and bulges. But, that isn’t exactly a drawback. It’s one of the more unique qualities of the Asa Akira that make it such an amazing toy.


The fleshlight has a consistent diameter inside with a slight variation of 0.5 inches which isn’t event noticeable. Apart from that, each rib is 3mm tall and the bumps are 4mm tall. The Asa Akira Fleshlight is pretty wide as compared to most fleshlight. So, only get this toy if you’re a guy with more girth. If you’re an average sized guy, we reckon that there isn’t much Asa Akira will be able to do for you due to the lack of tightness. Will the fleshlight stamina training unit help you last longer in bed?


Just like every other Fleshlight Girls toy, the Asa Akira also uses the modern day SuperSkin material to make the fleshlight more realistic. Cleaning the sensitive SuperSkin can be a bit difficult, but given the girth of the inside, the job gets considerably easier.

Sleeve Option

The Sleeve we’re talking about is the “Dragon” version of the Asa Akira. But, in order to give us guys the whole fun of Asa Akira, Fleshlight girls also released four other sleeve option. They’re given below. Does the Cobra Libre leave you dazed and confused?

  • Mini Lotus
  • Lotus
  • Forbidden
  • Swallow


  • Molded to Asa Akira’s beautiful vagina
  • SuperSkin material for added realism
  • 9 inch length to fit all the big guys out there
  • Five sleeve options to choose from
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive as heck. Sure, it’s a good buy if you consider price-to-performance, but it’s still a bit more than what most folks are willing to spend on sex toys.
  • The toy doesn’t have nearly enough tightness