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Are traditional toys just not cutting it for you? Are you bored with those old fleshlights? Well, you’re in luck because VStroker is one of the most amazing combinations of sex toys and modern technology. While this little fella may seem like a typical fleshlights, it’s got a lot more packed in the hood than you might see in a first sight. Let’s get on to the details.


What Makes the VStroker Special?

Oh, not much other than the fact that it can coordinate with the VStroker website and provide you the most interactive and engaging fleshlight experience you’ve ever witnessed. VStroker calls it’s fleshlight the most advanced virtual sex toy out there, and we don’t really doubt their claim.

The V in VStroker

The V doesn’t stand for Vagina, it stands for Virtual. Other than the normal fleshlight part of the toy, there’s a small cap that acts as a sensor and makes the whole process of masturbation interactive. The cap detects how fast you are using the fleshlight and sends this info to the VStroker USB connected to your laptop. A pretty simple to operate system which you should have up and running in a small amount of time.

VSTROKER Packaging

The VStroker Site

So, you might be thinking how this works. Well, you won’t be browsing PornHub with the VStroker. The product has its own site full of hundreds of videos filled with your favorite pornstars. Let’s be honest, none of us are really ever going to get close to these pornstars without getting punched in the face by a couple of 7 feet tall dudes. So, in order to fulfill your thirst of having intimacy with those beautiful women and not getting a blackeye, you should definitely get your hands on the VStroker as soon as possible.

Discreet Shipping

VStroker cares about your privacy and fortunately so. It’s pretty embarrassing when your neighbor or your roommate, or worse, your parents (people living with their family also need interactive sex. The fleshlight comes in a completely discreet brown packaging. It may look sketchy to some people, but not enough that they rip it open to find your gorgeous new sex toy.

Vstroker Slider


  • Great Interactive Experience
  • Amazing connectivity, much better than you’d expect out of such a toy
  • Decent quality fleshlight
  • Everything you need to run this bad boy, even the batteries, are included in the box
  • VStroker has a pretty amazing library of videos
  • Really cheap considering the tech in this thing


  • The sensor is good, too good. It records every movement, even some that are unintended.
  • This isn’t exactly a problem, but every video you see has a white female, and since the videos are POV, a white penis. If diversity is what you’re looking for, you won’t find any with VStroker.


Molded fleshlights are truly a thing of beauty. There’s just something different about knowing that the thing your dick is in right now feels the same as your favorite pornstars body does. If you know you don’t have a chance with the stars in real life and are perfectly fine with jacking off in fleshlights meant to give you the second best, then the Eva Lovia Fleshlight is the best thing you could possibly purchase. We’ll go into detail about the fleshlight, but before we do, we’d like to talk a little about Eva Lovia herself.

A Small Introduction

If diversity in porn is what you’re looking for, then Eva Lovia is about to be your next favorite pornstar. This 29-year old brunette is of Spanish and Japanese descent and it would be an understatement to say that she’s hot. With almost 6 years in the porn industry, she’s worked with popular production companies like BangBros, Nubile Films, Twistys and more; making her one of the most sought after pornstars in the world today. So, there’s no surprise that every guy with a penis would want to spend some time with this bombshell.

Now that you know who exactly this woman is (you probably knew that before), let’s move on to the product at hand.

  • SUPER REAL | Butt made from patented, Real-Feel SuperSkin which is an extremely life-like material that precisely mimics anal intercourse. This Fleshlight was made from an exact mold of Eva Lovia’s ass.
  • SPICE | This Eva Lovia’s masturbator sleeve comes housed in an attractive and stylish case.
  • STRONG SUCTION | Tighten and loosen special end-cap to control suction for added realism– this mimics the natural suction of the female anatomy. This as close as it gets to having anal sex with porn star Eva Lovia herself. Have her Ass in the Shower to Enhance your Morning with a Fleshlight Shower Mount!
  • EVA | It’s one thing to dream about having sex with your favorite Fleshlight girls, but you don’t have to simply live out these fantasies in your head. Eva Lovia is a dark-haired Fleshlight goddess who may immediately bring you to your knees. One look at Eva will entice you to get to know more about this erotic temptress. Originally from South Carolina, Eva is a Southern beauty with exotic flair.
  • IMPROVE | Fleshlight luxury men’s toys can be used for both pleasure and to increase sexual performance and stamina and help with premature ejaculation.


The texture and internal design of the Eva Lovia Fleshlight is what we’d like to talk about first. The curves inside aren’t really like any other fleshlight out there, instead these chambers are so narrow that your dick could potentially get stuck inside. But, don’t let that discourage you. It feels pretty amazing.

The first chamber has ribbed walls which shift from a pretty wide entrance to a significantly thinner chamber. The second camber is slightly more wide, almost 1”. The walls have large uneven bumps. The rough texture might seem a bit uncomfortable, but when have you ever seen a perfectly uniform vagina? There’s high ridges on the walls too which pair up pretty nicely with the bumps. The third chamber is for the guys that really are large in that department. This section has ribs that are twisted in a circular way around the sleeve. If you can reach this, well and good. But, if you can’t, don’t worry, the first two chambers should be more than good enough to make you orgasm.


Cleaning this fleshlight is no easy task. Due to its extremely narrow internal textures, you need to really get in there to clean the juices from curves. Block the ends of the fleshlight with you hand and really shake it around. Drying will also be an equally challenging task. Put it in a dry place for at least four or five hours. Make sure you don’t put a wet fleshlight back in the case. This won’t be too good for the well-being of your fleshlight.


How many times in your life you’ve found yourself browsing PornHub and you found some pornstar that was just so damn irresistible that you went on to binge watch her videos all day long? Well, for you folks out there that have a thing for the blonde bombshell known as Jenna Haze, we got something real good. Obviously, you’re never going to get a chance to sleep with her in real life, but you do have the option for the second best. Here is our review of the Jenna Haze Fleshlight, one of the finest things ever made on this Earth.

What is the Jenna Haze?

Jenna Haze is a line of fleshlights that are molded to exactly mimic the feel and texture of the ‘body parts’ of none other than Jenna Haze, one of the most popular pornstars of the 2000s. The interesting fact about the Jenna Haze lineup is that it’s much more than a single fleshlight. The whole lineup consists of three toys made specifically to mimic Jenna’s vagina, anus and her mouth. Each of these toys has a completely different texture and owning more than one is definitely a spectacular idea. So, you have the free will to go behind Jenna, leave her lips dripping, or just do it the old fashioned way – It’s purely up to you.


Unlike most ‘molded’ fleshlights, the Jenna Haze isn’t just your mediocre fleshlight in the form of some famous woman’s parts. It’s actually pretty well made. The product uses SuperSkin Material which is one of the best stuff to make fleshlights these days. The SuperSkin feels almost identical to real skin other than the fact that it’s a bit like cold plastic. We highly recommend warming up this toy in hot water before sessions, otherwise it won’t be that comfortable.

The internal texture of the Jenna Haze lineup is also pretty well-made. The chamber is narrow, but not too narrow. The spikes generate amazing stimulations that will definitely make you orgasm in just a few minutes.

  • Velvety smooth and textured insert is a realistic recreation of inviting Jenna Haze vagina.
  • Soft, pliable, vibrating Real Feel Super Skin masturbation sleeve is made in the USA.
  • High-quality material (similar to the famous CyberSkin material) designed to replicate the sensation of penetrative sex.
  • Molded sleeve comes housed in an attractive and sturdy canister that resembles an ordinary flashlight.
  • Very easy to use and clean, and is 100 percent safe.

Other than these minor benefits, Jenna Haze also has one huge upside; it can be split right between the middle. Everyone knows fleshlights are a huge pain to clean, that’s why most people don’t even bother with it. Jenna Haze allows you to open up the fleshlight to make the whole job of cleaning so, so much easier. Applying lube is also a similar case. Instead of having to endure a ton of lube in the opening and almost none deeper in, Jenna Haze lets you conveniently spread the lube throughout the whole fleshlight.

The only problem with the Jenna Haze would be that it’s a bit too big. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, thrusting such a huge toy up and down for extended periods of time will tire your arm out pretty darn quick.


HTv3 or the Holy Trainer Version 3 is the third of the Holy Trainer line of male chastity devices. The Holy Trainer products have long been called the best option of the chastity lineup, and as far as the best chastity device is concerned, the v3 has proved that only Holy Trainer can beat Holy Trainer. Let’s get into some of the specs.

The Look

HOLY TRAINER V3 Different Sizes

When it comes to the exterior look of the toy, the v3 has absolutely nothing to offer. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This is just a hardened piece of plastic shaped like a penis. The plastic is transparent, meaning you’ll be able to see everything going on. While some people look for a little more fancy hardware, this is a great cock cage for folks that are looking for ideal features instead of pretty toys.


The design is definitely a significant upgrade as compared to the older versions of the toy. The v3 has a design that makes it mere impossible for your penis to slip out of the cage. The device uses a internal brass lock that’s a huge update over the old padlocks used in some of the previous varieties of the chastity device. The lock is made from high quality brass, it opens smoothly without any nagging or dragging. So, convenience is also a huge benefit of this toy.


There is a small problem with the design though, it’s not technically a problem with the design, just poor workmanship. So, basically, some people had their HTv3 delivered with small hinges of plastic sticking out. While this may not seem too significant, longer periods of time inside this thing will definitely cause some irritation in your gentle parts. But, this defect is quite rare and shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

However, one thing can be said for sure about this toy, it’s dead quiet. A few older designs of the Holy Trainer had the problem where they would click or ring while walking; and a clicking sound coming from a guy’s penis can be quite suspicious. The v3 completely eliminates this problem with the plastic design and brass lock. The whole device is completely silent.

There  are small vents installed into place as well. These vents ensure that your penis gets some air while the lock is in place. This may seem like a useless feature, but your parts will definitely be thanking you for the vents after you’ve been wearing the cage all day.


To accommodate men of all types and sizes, Holy Trainer V3 comes in four different variants.

  • Nano: 1.36 inches in length and 1.3 in diameter
  • Small: 1.75 inches in length and 1.3 in diameter
  • Standard: 2.14 inches in length and 1.4 in diameter
  • Maxi: 2.54 inches in length and 1.4 in diameter

Stoya Destroya Review

In a world of amazing fleshlights, there is one that is miles above its competition. We’re talking about one of the most realistic and dynamically advanced fleshlight in recent history, the Stoya Destroya. In this article, we’re going to talk about the inspiration of the toy, Stoya, the best features of this bad boy and end finally end off with a small pro and con comparison  that’ll hopefully help you make the decision whether this toy should be on your next shopping cart. Let’s get right into it.

Stoya Destroya


Stoya has been a great part of the porn industry for the past decade and she has been involved in some of the most lit stuff ever made. She’s racked up quite the list of accolades. Over her long career, she has been nominated for seventeen awards and won six of them.

However, her looks and top quality content isn’t the only reason this young woman reached the height of fame. She’s actually written for The New York Times, The Guardian, Vice, New Statesman and Esquire. Along with that, she’s a pretty decent model as well (duh!).

Stoya is currently running her porn website named TrenchCoatX and her most recent achievement would be this amazing blessing to men called the Stoya Destroya that’s named after her.


Well, if you ever thought that the guys in bed in Stoya were lucky, you have a chance to become them (to some extent). As you can probably guess, the Stoya Destroya is molded to replicate the vagina of the exotic pornstar. And, it’s the most amazing thing anyone could ever hope for.

The design is basically the reason why this fleshlight is so great. The division of the chambers makes it so hard to resist.

The first part of the fleshlight is a 0.7×0.7 inch chamber with teeth light stems sticking out towards the center point of the chamber. The pointy heads provide an amazing feel on your penis head as you move in and out of the fleshlight. Right after that, you’ll be entering the next chamber with only a 0.4 inch opening. Now this is where the magic takes place. The chamber consists of an length of 0.6 inches. At the start, there are rectangular bumps that are ready to welcome the penis. Then, there are similar burps that we already saw in the first chamber, but this time they’re longer and at a 45 degree angle towards the opening. Then there is the third chamber, and not all of you will be able to hit that. There are oval bumps just at the six inch mark which leads to an extremely narrow chamber which keeps getting narrower. Unfortunately, if you want to get to the very end of the toy, you’re going to need a penis of 8.7 inches.

Stoya Destroya Texture


Various Textures: The variety of different textures are truly mesmerizing. The odd shaped burps and pointy heads feel so amazing. At first they may seem uncomfortable, but just a few seconds later, you’ll learn to love the feeling.

Amazing Material: The Destroya uses a material called the Super Skin. This material is tailor made so it seems like you’re nutting into the real thing. It gives the whole ‘Stoya’ part of the toy real meaning.

Narrowing Design: Props to whoever thought it was a good idea to narrow the chambers slowly. That’s guys a friggin’ genius. The last ribbed chamber feels better than the real deal (that is, if you can get there).


A Really Heavy Toy: If there’s one word we’d use to explain this toy, it would be gigantic. This toy is literally huge and it seems like they wanted the toy to weigh as much as Stoya herself. Anyways, if you balance the time each hand hold the fleshlight, you might just be able to start skipping the gym and use this as a workout instead.

Sticky Material: Some folks do complain that the SuperSkin material is really sticky, which it is. Some lubricants fix this, some don’t. Feel free to experiment around a little bit and see what works best.

Final Verdict

Well, Stoya isn’t going to be banging on your bedroom door (or you for that matter), so just settle for the next best thing and grab the destroya. It’s an amazing fleshlight, probably one of the best ones out there. Just get it and we’re pretty sure you’re going to thank us in the future.

Review On The Fuck Me Silly Dude Sex Toy

This is a masturbation sex toy for men and women, but also works great for anyone that have desires and fetishes where they are wanting to do the penetrating or if they are looking for a way to get penetrated. It is a very realistic fuck doll that also has a dildo built right into it.  For a woman with a male partner who wants a threesome but doesn’t want another person involved, this could be the toy for you.

You've always dreamt of riding a big hard cock, so what are you waiting for? Lay this super stud on his back, grab the lube, and Fuck Him Silly! From his sexy washboard abs, to his ripped waistline, pumped-up pecks and huge 8" cock, this macho man is ready to ride. He's your personal boy toy to do as you please--let him fulfill all of your male fuck fantasies! Made from our incredibly realistic feeling Fanta-Flesh, this mega masturbator is the most lifelike fuck-friend ever created. Squeeze his squishy balls and feel the firm nuts inside his sack. Rub your fingers over his chiseled 6-pack while you bite his perky nipples and stroke his stiff cock. Stick a finger up his tight little ass while you deep throat his tasty man meat! Whatever you want to do, he never says no! Now its your turn. Grab hold of his thick, bendable cock and guide it up inside you. The soft, supple Fanta-flesh material warms to your body temperature and feels just like the real thing--only better! Put your hands on his muscular chest and enjoy every ripple of his shredded hardbody. This hunky heartthrob never goes soft or limp right when you're about to orgasm--say goodbye to those midway letdowns forever. He's always ready to go and give you a fuck you'll never forget! What more could you want in a fuck buddy? From his tight ass to his firm, veiny cock, every lifelike detail is carefully molded after the perfect man. Bring him in the bedroom with you and your lover and enjoy an unforgettable threesome. You won't feel guilty about bringing another person into the mix and it's a lot safer! Fuck him on the bed, throw him up on the sink or table, or even right on the floor! He loves to try new things and new positions and he'll never leave the seat up When you're done, cleanup is a snap with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. After the masturbator dries completely, apply Pipedream Extreme Revive cornstarch powder to restore the masturbator to soft, like-new quality.

Fuck Me Silly Dude

Just what is the Fuck Me Silly Dude Toy?

The doll is a male masturbator that was designed as a well-built male, and muscular, having the lower part of a man’s torso, a huge penis measuring 8 inches in length and 5.24 inches in its circumference, and it has realistic balls. The doll has been designed to have the feel and look of being realistic. Its penis is hard enough to ride as you would the real thing.

It includes a man’s neck, and has shoulders, a chest, the bottom of a man’s torso with a penis, an anal canal, and scrotum. This is a boy toy for men to use as they please, however, it also works wonders for those females who have particular desires, fantasies, and/or fetishes.

This thing has allowed me to live out some of my wildest fantasies since I received it and the only thing better is the fact that I am able to do so whenever I want to. I no longer have to waste my time looking for someone to get it on with, because now I can just spend the entire evening (or all day long) doing just what pleases me.


Some of the ways it can be used

I have found it great to share with my friends too, which was fun and exciting to do. As several of my guy friends and myself went at it all night long, it was so awesome. I even had a few female friends that enjoy some goods time with me and my Fuck Me Silly sex toy, and all of them still come over now and then for more of the same.


How to go about cleaning the Fuck Me Silly Dude

Although the Fuck Me Silly Dude comes with a toy cleaner of its own (Pipedream Toy Cleaner) one can use any toy cleaner, just combine with warm water. Although, you should ensure it’s safe for Fanta Flesh, formerly known as CyberSkin.

It also comes with a revitalizing power lotion, which I thought was a plus.

It is important to keep in mind the benefits of cleaning a sex toy after every use, is not only for health and safety reasons, but also to help in keeping it in good shape. Typically, one should let it dry completely after washing it. However, never soak or let it get wet on the inside of the toy as it is going to ruin the lining of it. The anal canal will be needing a good cleaning in order to remove any lubes and/or fluids that may have accumulated during use.


  • Great for men or women
  • No more waiting for a partner



  • Can take time to clean
  • Not very discreet



It is not only me that wants to say thanks to PipeDream, but all the guys and girls that have enjoyed my new toy with me also wants to say thank you. This toy allows us to enjoy hours of fun when and where we want it. It can be tricky to clean sometimes, but after a while I developed a pattern, so it just comes natural now.


Lovense Max

We’re currently entering an era when sex toys aren’t just rubber sticks. Manufacturers, these days, are struggling to produce products that go hand in hand with technology and achieve a much more human-like feel than even the real thing can provide. One such device is the Lovense Max. Here is our version of a review for the Lovense Max.

It was the first male masturbator that was able to be controlled via a smartphone app. The air pump design made this one of the most interesting masturbation sleeves to be released that year.

Lovense Max

What is the Lovense Max?

Max is another product from the well-renowned developer Lovense. If we had to sum up Max in a nutshell, we’d say that it’s like a fleshlight that literally has the ability to build a rocket and ride it to the moon. Dumb metaphor, but you won’t think it’s so dumb once you find out the stuff inside this little guy.

Max is primarily a long distant relationship toy for men, and it’s one of the only few. Max is linked up to a partner by the name of Nora that is meant for your better half, making it a miraculous invention for people looking to introduce some intimacy from halfway around the globe.

What’s Inside the Box?

There’s not much inside the box except the absolute essentials. There’s the Max device, a USB dongle for connectivity, a charging cable and an owner’s manual. There’s no cleaning supply or lube for the device, so you’re going to have to buy both separately.

How Does It Feel?

The size of Max is about 6.5 inches and the vibrator is located at the beginning of the penis. Lovense claims that the device fits 95% of men, which is a bold claim but appears to be backup up. However, most men need a pretty healthy amount of lube to really get in there. There’s an added air vent that prevent build up of pressure and removes the feeling that makes men think their penis is being sucked up into a vortex.

There’s an air pump to create some amount of pressure and create a small vacuum, which along with the vibrations makes up the exact feeling of pushing a cock in a vagina.


The first thing you need to know that is the noise. This toy is not discreet at all. It’s so loud that even a closed door won’t keep the sound restricted. People in the next room will start to get suspicious.

However, the appearance from the outside is as discreet as it could possibly get. Max looks like a kitchen appliance from the outside and you could pretty much leave it lying around without anyone guessing what it is. But, you should know that the odd exterior doesn’t really appeal to most men. It isn’t too fun to nut inside something mimicking a thermos.

Let’s talk about the functionality. Max can be used via the buttons on the device as well as the Lovense app. Most people like the app for the no-hands approach while other prefer the buttons. It’s purely up to you and your liking.

The app is pretty decent with somewhat mediocre connectivity. But, as far as we’re concerned, it does its job.

Let’s wrap everything up by listing the pros and cons of this amazing blessing to humanity.


  • It fits 95% of all men
  • The video chat gets you as close to sex as you can be at a distance
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Amazing battery lifespan
  • Safe to use and convenient to clean (at least for a fleshlight)
  • Looks like an ordinary object on the outside
  • Can be synced with Nora for a complete virtual sex experience


  • It is not waterproof
  • The devices are sometimes too interconnected. Partners cannot experience different vibrations even if they want to.
  • Users face poor connectivity sometimes

Tenga Flip Hole Review

If you’re looking for something to increase your self-pleasure, or even a way to experience new levels of partner play in the bedroom, I recommend the Tenga Flip Hole. Let me explain why.

I have found my Tenga Flip Hole to serve the purpose I wanted it for, which has not been the case for all of my toys. It has a great suction which can be controlled by pushing a button, giving me even more customized experiences. This was only one feature that sold me though!


Experience the supple texture of our softest FLIP HOLE. The gentle, yet intricate details provide a sublime sensation. The One Hand Control Pad lets you control the stimulation. TENGA’s pioneering FLIP-Style revolutionizes masturbation. Cutting-edge molding technology creates a variety of sensations, and the FLIP-Style means they’re always hygienic.

Tenga Flip Hole


The slide cap and case are made with PC, while the inner sleeve is a thermoplastic elastomer, commonly known as TPE. The materials it has been made out of helps give me a more unique sensation.



The Tenga Flip Hole measures just over 6.5 inches in length, and 2.5 inches in width. This makes it the perfect size for the average size man. However, it can still be used by longer men, but not so much wider.


The Design

It was designed to offer multiple levels of stimulation during use, which I found to be great. Because of the unique design, it has provided me a better experience than other male masturbation products I have tried.

I think that the reason the Tenga Flip Hole sex Toy works so well is because of the way it is made and that about half way down there are these ribs, which works really great for gripping and holding my penis, and this along with the ribs on the sides creates a maximum amount of stimulation to give me pleasure at my best.

Then there’s the multiple sensations I am also getting on the head of my penis that is coming from the quattro waves. All of this combined with all the other factors, such as the lip flap. It works wonders for me as I am penetrating my new toy, and it also helps to keep any lubricants used inside.



They thought of the control design well, as it is “one handed control”, which has three buttons. One to trap air, one to release air, and one for increasing stimulation with the End Orb.

Having the buttons gives me the ability to control the vacuum pump and lets me create me own amount of pleasure from the squeezing sensations.



I have found it to be easy to clean-up after I am through pleasuring myself. This is a bonus in my opinion and places it above its competitors. I have had some toys in the past that took more time to properly clean, than to use.

Because of the materials it’s made from, you can simply open it up, run it under warm water, and let it air dry.



  • Reduced premature ejaculation
  • Has color options
  • Easy to clean



  • Not suitable for larger men



I have tried both the white and the black one and have found that for me I prefer the white. However, for anyone who has a larger penis, this may not be the toy for you as it’s only 6.5” long. The design gives an amazing sensation when the penis gets to the end where it has an orb, engulfing the penis. Being just shy of the full length, I have to shove hard to reach the orb, but prefer the ribbing better anyways.

Another benefit of using the Flip Hole sex toy is that it has been beneficial in helping me to be more in control of how long I can go without having a premature ejaculation.

Aneros Helix Review

Aneros Helix is one of the best prostate massagers out there for men.  And, if you’re a pro when it comes to sex toys, you’d know how good Aneros products are.  And, Helix is no different. In this post, we’re going to be going around and reviewing everything related to this pleasure-filled toy. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.


The Aneros Helix comes in a beautiful bright red box with a few product images on the outside. There’s a magnetic button holding the box closed and as soon as you open it, there’s a pretty handsome looking Helix fit snugly into its compartment. There’s just the product and a small user’s manual inside the packaging.

The box itself is pretty discreet and can be used to store the massager after use without alerting any family members or kids.


Aneros Helix

Aneros Helix

The massager is made of hard plastic. It’s not soft at all and has zero stretch or flexibility. However, don’t think of it as cheap plastic. It is very well built and there’s no chance of it just snapping or cracking at all. The design itself is pretty simple though. It’s pretty smooth meaning that insertion is really easy. Plus the shaft is thicker in girth while the bottom is thinner which just makes it that much easier to push in. The size of the Helix is about 4 inches, which is great for folks that are new or unfamiliar to anal play.


The Helix massager is just child’s play when it comes down to usage. The process is simple. Wash your hands with soapy water and use a good bit of some oil based lubricant on the massager. The more lube you use, the more you comfortable the toy will feel inside. Once the lube has been applied, just pop it in and the toy should set itself into position quite easily.

After you’ve inserted the toy, it’s better to leave it in there and let muscle contractions do the work. That is what is says on the packaging. However, it’s is not completely effective. Some folks need some standard movements for it do its work.


As said before, the material of this toy is hard plastic and most of you probably know this, hard plastic is the easiest to clean after silicone. All you need is a few glasses of warm, soapy water and you can just leave it to dry off. We highly recommend using something called an antibacterial sex toy cleaner which makes sure that there’s no slimy bacteria left on your device after the anal session.

The Final Verdict

In our opinion, the Aneros Helix is a must buy for all you people that are truly into anal play. There’s just nothing wrong with this toy. It’s truly flawless and if flawless is what you’re looking for, go ahead and grab Helix by Aneros.

Brought To You By The Letter ‘C’ Pt.2

I’m back!

So this is just a quick update post really. As some of you may know I’ve been dealing with cancer for the past while. If you hadn’t heard you can read my original post here.

For the past six months I’ve been going to the hospital several times a week for treatments involving skin removal, topical medicines and localized cytotoxic chemical baths. It’s been extremely painful, draining and generally awful. I would not recommend it.

Well after six months of hell, I’m proud to say that I’m almost cancer free! *insert cheering here* I have a few more treatments left, Likely only another month or so. It’s still not a 100% guarantee but my oncologist is extremely happy and has a lot of confidence that things are going end with a positive outcome. I’m extremely happy with myself for my progress, And my amazing partner who’s helped me every step of the way.

I’d like to thank everyone who reads the blog, follows me on twitter or otherwise engages with me in any way, You’re all amazing, And I love all of you.

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