by the Fun Factory, the Cobra Libre is not your average pocket pussy. In fact, it would be hard to consider it a pocket pussy at all because normally there is stroking involved, whereas with the Cobra Libre it is stroke free. But, that still leaves the question, is it worth it?

To answer that question, we need to fully examine the product as a whole, and not just how it works. Which, let me just say, it works very well. When receiving the Cobra Libre, I was worried my neighbors would ultimately see my shame marked in brand labels on the shipping box. However, it was a discrete package and my worries were put to rest. The main box that housed the male vibrator was not vulgar or crude as many toy packages are. Did it make my list of the best male masturbators on the market?

 First Impression

Taking it out of the box, I must admit that I expected something a bit bigger, but the size would prove to be perfect after I thoroughly tested it. It makes for good travel size, easily stowed away in an overnight bag. The shape is about what you would expect, and its diameters are 5 inches in length and 2 inches across.

Cobra Libre

Cobra Libre

 The Making

Adorned with a ‘Made in Germany’ badge, this toy has a 100% silicone cavity at the front for insertion, and it is made mostly of ABS plastic. Housed inside the Cobra Libre are two motors. Now think about that for a moment. Not only do you have a high-quality toy, but it is equipped with two motors for maximum vibration. The thought alone is satisfying in my own opinion. maximum pleasure from the Lovense Max

This toy is controlled by a touch panel that is easy to use and navigate. Because of the material used, this toy is completely waterproof, offering more protection by adding a magnetic charger to avoid damage to a charging port or even a charger from moisture.


Normally cleaning ex toys is a hassle or requires extensive drying and rinsing. However, using antibacterial soap or your favorite toy cleaner, you are able to utilize the waterproof design to just rinse it thoroughly and dry it with a cloth or air dry it. It is super simple and convenient. who wouldn’t want to destroy a Stoya Destroya fleshlight

Cobra Libre

Cobra Libre

 Using the Libre

 Well, there wasn’t much for instant testing of the product because Fun Factory suggests charging it for 16 hours before the first use. That is an extensive length of time for a first charge, but I obliged and did so as I am sure there is reason for it. The opening can be a bit snug so some lube will be needed, trust me. However, you don’t need a lot of lube for insertion which is fine.

Volume is a major concern for some people when it comes to vibrating toys, and let’s face it. A properly powered motor is going to make noise. If you want quiet, you would need a lower power. Where is the fun in that? When fully ramped up, the Cobra Libre is noisy but can easily be muffled with a blanket and a shut door.

The vibration options are vast, giving you 8 modes on one motor and 8 modes on the other. 16 modes total, that is ridiculous good, and it helps you pick the perfect setting for you.


  • Experience more powerful orgasms!
  • Envelops the head of the penis in rumbling vibration
  • A state-of-the-art toy lined with soft, velvety silicone
  • Two powerful motors
  • Use it solo or invite your partner to grind against it


Honestly, I didn’t go into detail about my experience because most people who are reading it don’t want the dirty details of another man’s experience. I will say that it works extremely well, once you find the right settings and position of the toy that works for you. It is stroke free, which is a plus, because stroking is outdated.