HTv3 or the Holy Trainer Version 3 is the third of the Holy Trainer line of male chastity devices. The Holy Trainer products have long been called the best option of the chastity lineup, and as far as the best chastity device is concerned, the v3 has proved that only Holy Trainer can beat Holy Trainer.  Let’s get into some of the specs.

The Look

HOLY TRAINER V3 Different Sizes

When it comes to the exterior look of the toy, the v3 has absolutely nothing to offer. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This is just a hardened piece of plastic shaped like a penis. The plastic is transparent, meaning you’ll be able to see everything going on. While some people look for a little more fancy hardware, this is a great cock cage for folks that are looking for ideal features instead of pretty toys. How does the Lelo Hugo stack up?

Design of the Holy Trainer 3

The design is definitely a significant upgrade as compared to the older versions of the toy. The v3 has a design that makes it mere impossible for your penis to slip out of the cage. The device uses a internal brass lock that’s a huge update over the old padlocks used in some of the previous varieties of the chastity device. The lock is made from high quality brass, it opens smoothly without any nagging or dragging. So, convenience is also a huge benefit of this toy.


There is a small problem with the design though, it’s not technically a problem with the design, just poor workmanship. So, basically, some people had their HTv3 delivered with small hinges of plastic sticking out. While this may not seem too significant, longer periods of time inside this thing will definitely cause some irritation in your gentle parts. But, this defect is quite rare and shouldn’t be a problem for most people. vstroker is one of the most innovative toys on the market

However, one thing can be said for sure about this toy, it’s dead quiet. A few older designs of the Holy Trainer had the problem where they would click or ring while walking; and a clicking sound coming from a guy’s penis can be quite suspicious. The v3 completely eliminates this problem with the plastic design and brass lock. The whole device is completely silent.

There  are small vents installed into place as well. These vents ensure that your penis gets some air while the lock is in place. This may seem like a useless feature, but your parts will definitely be thanking you for the vents after you’ve been wearing the cage all day. Aneros Helix is one of the best prostate massagers you could hope for


To accommodate men of all types and sizes, Holy Trainer V3 comes in four different variants.

  • Nano: 1.36 inches in length and 1.3 in diameter
  • Small: 1.75 inches in length and 1.3 in diameter
  • Standard: 2.14 inches in length and 1.4 in diameter
  • Maxi: 2.54 inches in length and 1.4 in diameter