Mental Health Mondays

MHM Guidelines

Hello  everyone and welcome to Mental Health Mondays! My plan for MHM is to have it be a weekly installment that other people can participate and join in on.

Mental Health Monday is an open forum for mental health, Any form of media you are willing to put forth is more than acceptable as long as the post relates in some way to mental health. If you feel like writing a post about a particularly hard week and how you got through it, go for it! Or maybe you’re feeling creative and feel like crafting a picture that deals with mental health, Or maybe you found something new that week that helped you get through the week and want to share your tip or discovery with others, Anything goes here as long as you’re comfortable sharing it.

MHM Does have some rules though, I’m trying to keep this a pretty loose format but if you decide to take part please read through the rules for everyone’s benefit.


  1.  Your post must contain content relative to mental health
  2.  Include highly visible tags at the beginning of a post of any possible triggers or upsetting content
  3.  Please don’t password protect the post, or in some way gate access to it.
  4.  If you mention a product in your post keep it reserved i.e. don’t turn it into blatant advertisement
  5.  Use the code below to include the MHM image in your posts, Or make a copy of the image and incorporate it how you want but make sure it links back to
  6.  Share your post on social media! Spread the word about MHM! And if you feel like it visit other people who’ve posted and comment on their post!
Mental Health Mondays

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