Looking for a plug that’s going to stay where you put it? You know, like it should? The Ryder by Tantus is what you need, because not only is it soft and gentle, it’s designed with a curve at the bottom for pleasure, a tip for easy insertion, and a slight curve from neck to body.

Tantus Ryder

Tantus Ryder

Why Ryder?

When you’re shopping for a new butt plug, then first thing you want to consider is the overall size and your level of experience in using them. Of course, another equally important aspect is the neck size and how it’s designed – is it going to stay where you want it?

You can tell by length and if there’s a curve so your muscles will naturally hold it in without causing shock to the muscles. Butt plugs come with a flanged or wide base to prevent them being sucked in and lost by your muscles doing what they do – retract.


The Ryder measures a total of 4.5”, but only 3.75” is insertable. The largest width is 1.5” in diameter, while girth is 5”.

Brand Quality

Because the toy is from Tantus, it is made from 100% Ultra-Premium silicone, basically it is medical grade for added comfortability and trust. In addition, it is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and no smell. It can be boiled, bleached, even tossed into the dishwasher without damaging it. Although, you should take it out before company comes over, just in case…

Final Thoughts

The Tantus Ryder is a decently sized butt plug with a great design for staying in. The company always ensures the best quality materials are used for safety. It is easy to keep clean between uses, which is also important. I highly recommend looking into the Ryder for your next plug!