Are traditional toys just not cutting it for you? Are you bored with those old fleshlights? Well, you’re in luck because VStroker is one of the most amazing combinations of sex toys and modern technology. While this little fella may seem like a typical fleshlights like the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight or the Eva Lovia Fleshlight, it’s got a lot more packed in the hood than you might see in a first sight. Let’s get on to the details.


What Makes the VStroker Special?

Oh, not much other than the fact that it can coordinate with the VStroker website and provide you the most interactive and engaging fleshlight experience you’ve ever witnessed. VStroker calls it’s fleshlight the most advanced virtual sex toy out there, and we don’t really doubt their claim.  It’s the most hi-tech masturbator available along with the Lovense Max and is a great male masturbator.

The V in VStroker

The V doesn’t stand for Vagina, it stands for Virtual. Other than the normal fleshlight part of the toy, there’s a small cap that acts as a sensor and makes the whole process of masturbation interactive. The cap detects how fast you are using the fleshlight and sends this info to the VStroker USB connected to your laptop. A pretty simple to operate system which you should have up and running in a small amount of time.

VSTROKER Packaging

The VStroker Site

So, you might be thinking how this works. Well, you won’t be browsing PornHub with the VStroker. The product has its own site full of hundreds of videos filled with your favorite pornstars. Let’s be honest, none of us are really ever going to get close to these pornstars without getting punched in the face by a couple of 7 feet tall dudes. So, in order to fulfill your thirst of having intimacy with those beautiful women and not getting a blackeye, you should definitely get your hands on the VStroker as soon as possible.


Discreet Shipping

VStroker cares about your privacy and fortunately so. It’s pretty embarrassing when your neighbor or your roommate, or worse, your parents (people living with their family also need interactive sex. The fleshlight comes in a completely discreet brown packaging. It may look sketchy to some people, but not enough that they rip it open to find your gorgeous new sex toy.

Vstroker Slider


  • Great Interactive Experience
  • Amazing connectivity, much better than you’d expect out of such a toy
  • Decent quality fleshlight
  • Everything you need to run this bad boy, even the batteries, are included in the box
  • VStroker has a pretty amazing library of videos
  • Really cheap considering the tech in this thing


  • The sensor is good, too good. It records every movement, even some that are unintended.
  • This isn’t exactly a problem, but every video you see has a white female, and since the videos are POV, a white penis. If diversity is what you’re looking for, you won’t find any with VStroker.