It’s Tantus time again! This time I’ve got my hands on the small version of Tantus’s Ripple anal probe. The Ripple may be small in stature and unassuming in appearance but let’s not forget this is made by Tantus, So let’s find out if the Ripple probes all the right places or prods in all the wrong ones.


Normally the Ripple would come in Tantus’s clear plastic packaging that shows off the toy in a clean and tasteful fashion but I received the Ripple through the Tantus grab bag program which ships in non standard packaging, The grab bag packaging is a simple clear plastic bag closed at the top with a cardboard Tantus logo and a few staples – Simple but effective.


The Ripple a cute looking thing isn’t it? It stands 12.6cm tall and 2.5cm in diameter at its widest point. The ripple is made from Tantus’s 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone which means it’s totally body safe and extremely easy to take care of, The silicone Tantus uses is quite firm and the Ripple is made from that same silicone but due to its diminutive size it has quite a bit of give and flexibility to it – More than enough to bend back on itself. The Ripples main features are the 4 rounded bead like protrusions on the shaft which starts out at a very beginner friendly 1.75cm diameter and works its way up to very comfortable 2.5cm diameter. The base is nice and thick and is very easy and comfortable to hold on to and has the recognizable Tantus logo etched into the silicone.

In use

Once you have the Ripple all lubed up with your favourite water based lube insertion is fairly easy due to the extremely small tip of the toy. You may need to hold the toy close to the tip for initial insertion because the end has a tendency to want to bend out-of-the-way rather than go where you want it. Originally I thought that it would take a while to work up to the largest bulge after inserting it but much to my surprise with a little pressure I was at the base in no time, When fully inserted my butt barely noticed that the Ripple was even there. The shaft towards the base didn’t have enough of a size difference between itself and the largest bulb for it to stay seated, But in my humble opinion the Ripple wasn’t meant for long-term wear or being a filling plug – It was meant for thrusting. Thrusting with this toy is extremely pleasurable, It doesn’t poke at your prostate if you’re equipped with one or give you an immense sense of fullness all it does it make your butt feel really good, When thrusting  it produces this wonderful almost electric sensation that spreads from your anus to the rest of your body. Slow thrusts offer a mild popping sensation akin to using anal beads but less intense, Fast thrusts cause you to skip across the widest section of the beads and gives a rapid “on/off” sensation as you move between each bead.

While using the Ripple is a pleasurable experience I very quickly found myself wanting something larger, The Ripple is often the first toy of the night for me and it’s almost sad that doesn’t get more playtime and is mostly used for a warm-up toy. I can’t help but feeling that the Ripple large would have been a more fitting choice or maybe if the small had one more bead of a larger diameter it would be more satisfying.


The Tantus Ripple is a great toy that manages to pack a ton of pleasure into a small package but those who have a lot of anal experience or enjoy large toys may want to look at the large Ripple instead. If you are looking for a good toy for exploring anal play or just want something on the smaller side to play with the Tantus Ripple is a fantastic option. You can buy the Ripple directly from Tantus at the link below or at your favourite retailer.