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Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo

Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo, Cephalopod references and male sex toys!? Odd name but let’s not judge a toy by what  it’s called, Amidst an expanding field of male vibrators the Pulse series by Hot Octopuss differentiate themselves by offering a toy that delivers oscillations instead of vibrations, Will it blend? Does it work?


The Pulse II Solo comes in a very nicely printed cover box that should offer ample protection for your investment during shipping. Inside of the box the Pulse is cradled in a plastic molded tray along with the USB charging cable and a user manual, Oddly enough my Pulse came with two user manuals and two charging cables.

I still cringe every time I see the word “Guybrator”



The Pulse II Solo is a relatively small little toy that comes in around 12cm tall and 7cm wide, The back side of the toy is made from ABS plastic and the front side is made from silicone. Three buttons are all the input options you get, A multifunction power button on the left side and two intensity adjustment buttons on the right side. Charging is handled by the supplied USB cable  the port is on the bottom of the toy behind a small flap in the silicone, Hidden  just above the charging port is a status LED for charging, Red for charging and green for charged. Hot Octopuss labels the Pulse II Solo as 100% waterproof but since I can’t tell if it’s only that flap or if the charging port itself is sealed away from moisture I wouldn’t recommend full submersion as the flap doesn’t inspire confidence. On the top side of the Pulse there are two flexible wings to hold yourself in the channel, right below the wings is where the action happens, There is a raised platform about the size of a toonie that acts as the delivery point for all the vibrations/oscillations. The Pulse feels very well put together for a toy in this price range, It has a good weight and doesn’t feel hollow or cheap, although there is an area of silicone that has a very odd texture that almost looks like residue on my copy that no amount of cleaning seems to rid – You can see it right above the Hot Octopuss branding.

In Use

There are actually a couple of different ways you can start using the Pulse II Solo, If you already have an erection you can fold the two flaps back and insert yourself into the toy or you can slide yourself in from the bottom with some lube (The Pulse is designed to be used with and without lube). If you’d rather have the experience of getting hard in the  toy you can slide yourself in from the bottom.  After you turn the toy on the power button turns into the vibration pattern switch,  Single clicks will scroll through the 5 different vibration patterns and then back to constant vibrations.  Two things were immediately apparent after turning the Pulse  on, The first was that even on a low setting it felt amazing and because it uses oscillations not vibrations it felt totally different to other toys like the Cobra Libre, The second thing is that this toy is LOUD, Very loud. The noise from the Pulse can almost be forgiven as the sensations it produces are simply wonderful, It feels like a really soft jack hammer pounding away on your cock and with absolutely no buzz just driving rumbly vibrations.

After a few minutes using the Pulse I quickly began to realize something that I had been an inkling in my head for a little while, My frenulum isn’t nearly as sensitive as most men. Regardless of how long and what setting the Pulse was on it just couldn’t bring me to orgasm with it on my frenulum, Maybe if I had kept at it I could have but after the 50 minute mark I gave up on that endeavour. Same as the Cobra Libre the pattern settings really didn’t do anything for me and to add to that the patterns on the Pulse II Solo  seemed really rough around the edges, The word that comes to mind in trying to describe them is jarring but I feel that is a bit harsh. Although the Pulse II Solo couldn’t get me off in the regular orientation if I turned the toy around so that the raised plate was on the top of my glans it turned into a totally different toy for me. With the Pulse in the new position  it went from 50 minutes without much response to having to fend of climaxing after only a minute or two,  And the orgasms are extremely powerful once you do decide to give in. Orgasms with the Pulse  come on extremely fast and extremely strong making it a perfect toy to practice edging or if you’re just looking to get off quickly and still have a satisfying orgasm. Often I found myself reaching for the Pulse to have a second or third orgasm with because the sensations were so intense, Refractory period be damned this thing will get the job done! Due to the Pulse being waterproof (with reservations) clean up is easy, a rinse under the tap or a wipe down with a wet cloth should have it looking near new again.

Pulse II On Dildo

Black&White conversion makes everything artsy!…Everything.

Conclusions – Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo

The Pulse II Solo by Hot Octopuss has received near blanket approval from the community and you’re not going to hear much different from me, It’s an extremely well-built toy that offers an extremely pleasurable experience. The only truly disappointing thing about the Pulse was how loud the thing is! I live in close proximity to other people and definitely couldn’t use it without people hearing or being worried that people would hear the entire time,  If discretion is key for you I would have to recommend passing on the Pulse II Solo. Noise levels aside everything else about the Pulse II Solo is a hit! $99 USD is a great price for a rechargeable and waterproof toy  that delivers extremely potent orgasms in record time, If noise isn’t an issue and you feel like trying something new the Pulse II Solo gets my top vote. You can pick up the Pulse II Solo directly from Hot Octopuss here or at your favourite online retailer!

Review: Tantus Super Soft C-Ring

Tantus time once again with my first ever foray into the world of cock rings!



The Super Soft C-Ring comes in a very simple snap open plastic clam shell packaging, In typical Tantus fashion the toy is prominently displayed in the packaging and the design is simple and tasteful, Kudos Tantus.


The C-Ring is made from Tantus’s wonderful 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone which in this case is velvety and smooth as well as extremely pliable and stretchy. Tantus lists the unstretched  diameter as 3.8cm and the stretched diameter at 12cm. Matte silicone seems to always be a dust magnet and the C-Ring is no different its near impossible to keep it dust free but a quick wipe down with some water is a quick remedy. The C-Ring is quite thick and sturdy and should last you a very long time.


In Use

Due to the stretchy nature of the C-Ring it’s extremely easy to stretch over your cock and balls even without any lubrication and it rests quite comfortably once it’s there, Sadly for me the comfort was very short lived as I could only wear the C-Ring for about 5 minutes before I felt like it was crushing me.  While I don’t have experience with any other cock rings my discomfort might be due to my slightly above average girth or it could simply be that I am unaccustomed to being restricted, Either way after many attempts the discomfort sadly did not go away. Although I couldn’t wear the C-Ring for very long in the short time that I could wear it I could definitely see why people enjoy using them! Seeing yourself engorged with your cock at full attention is really a big turn on, Veins that were previously invisible or barely there now stand proud and really make your cock look different than what you’re used too. Luckily all was not lose with the Tantus C-ring as I found another use for it that I really quite enjoy, I tried using the ring on just my cock but that did almost nothing, However I found that just pulling my testes through and leaving the ring cinched up right against my testes was a very pleasurable experience, It offers a nice pulling/stretching sensation . Due to my limited ability to wear the the C-Ring for an extended period of time I can’t comment on if it prolonged or extended my orgasms but with it wrapped around my scrotum it was definitely pleasurable during orgasm, I could feel my scrotum contracting and fighting the mild restriction that the C-Ring was offering – Not mind blowing but great for mixing up my masturbation sessions.


The Tantus Super Soft C-Ring even though I couldn’t use it as intended is still a great product, It’s extremely well built in typical Tantus fashion and it should offer a comfortable fit for most people. The thing I can’t get over though is just how inexpensive this thing is!  Tantus is offering the Super Soft C-Ring for only $10.46 which for a premium silicone product is incredibly good value, If you’re interested in trying out cock rings or you know you like them and are wanting a good quality new ring to try out check out the Tantus Super Soft C-Ring! You can pick it up directly from Tantus at the link below or at your favourite retailer!


I’m Nominated!? Real Neat Blog Award!


I’ve been nominated for a Real Neat Blog Award by the courteous Carnal Queen! This is my first time being nominated for anything so a big thank you and shout out to her. This is a little series of seven questions that has been making its rounds in the blogging world, Someone nominates you to answer a few questions about yourself and your blog and then you pass it on by nominating a few other people! Sounds like fun so lets get started!

1.)Why did you start blogging?

Sex toys are interesting,  Information on male sex toys was hard to come by a few years ago, It’s still relatively hard to come by when compared to the wealth of information available to our female counterparts and I wanted to change that. Previously I had done tech reviews for a local computer shop so I’m not completely new to the concept of reviewing things and I had been getting progressively more interested in sex toys so the transition felt fairly natural.

2.)If your site had a goal, what would it be? How do you feel you’re doing with that goal, right now? How do you feel you’ve done with that goal over all?

Male sex toys seem to have aura of negativity about them in all the social circles I’ve been in, A few years ago I brought up the subject with a few male friends and I got nothing but scoffs and negative comments, Like using a sex toy made them less of a human being, One of them got borderline upset. What I found odd was that I was good friends with their other halves and knew that they frequently attended sex toy parties, When I asked my male friends again they said that it was fine for their SO’s to use sex toys but they drew the line at using them themselves. If I had to say I had a goal in mind with my blog it would be to dispel the stigma and negativity that seems to tag along with male sex toys for no good reason. My blog is still in its infancy with only a few posts so I don’t feel like I’ve made significant progress towards my goal, But if even one person reads the blog and decides that they would like to try something I’ve reviewed or buy their first sex toy my time spent on the blog will be justified.
3.)How has blogging influenced your life?

Blogging has had a profound impact on my well being, While I may only be 24 years old I’ve had an extremely hard life by most people’s standards and because of this I suffer from clinical depression as well as cumulative strain PTSD. I have to take several different medications on a daily basis in order to function like a regular human being, Even still there are days where being a functioning person just isn’t possible, On days like those I don’t feel like I have control of anything but I learned a while ago that masturbation is a great way of coping, It feels great and a release of  endorphins is wonderful no matter what state of mind you’re in. Blogging has given me something to look forward too, Something positive that can come from those bad days, It’s played a huge part in improving my mental status and has been a hugely positive experience.
4.)What is your favourite part of blogging?

Without a doubt it would have to be meeting and interacting with other bloggers and viewers, The sex toy and sex toy blogging community has been amazing. I’ve met so many wonderful, positive and interesting people in my short time doing this its just been incredible. Getting to try new toys and relaying my experiences is nice but without a receptive and supportive audience the appeal would fade quickly, It’s the readers, The people I’ve met on Twitter and the awesome companies that make this as enjoyable as it is. Receiving comments and questions really does make my day and it’s something that I constantly look forward too so please don’t be shy! I love reading and interacting with my readers!
5.)Are you kinky? How did you come to this conclusion?

Am I kinky? Well I don’t really know if that is a conclusion that I get to make, Everything is relative and changes depending upon who is viewing the situation.  From my own perspective I don’t consider myself overly kinky, I’m always open to broadening my horizons but as with most people I have a few things which do not interest me sexually such as scat play, Inflation play, Rape fantasies and a few more, Everything else as long as I have an understanding and willing partner is on the table. Does any of that make me kinky? That is for you to decide.


6.)What do you want to be when you grow up?

Comfortable. When I get older all I want to be is comfortable, Comfortable in my own skin as well as my mind, To not have to worry about money on a daily basis and to be healthy. Everything else past being comfortable would just be icing on the cake for me.


7.)What is the most important thing about you that you want everyone to know?

Even though I’ve been through some horrific events in my life and they’ve left scars, I’m still here and I’m still kicking, My past experiences have changed me in ways I couldn’t predict but they haven’t all been bad, I started this blog, I’ve met some amazing people and I can’t thank everyone enough for just being awesome members of the community because it keeps me striving to constantly improve myself.

Time for nominations! If you have been nominated before I’m sorry but that just means more people think you and your blog are awesome!

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I have!

Just copy the questions down below and put the banner on the top of your post and you’re good to go!

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. If your site had a goal, what would it be? How do you feel you’re doing with that goal, right now? How do you feel you’ve done with that goal over all?
3. How has blogging influenced your life?
4. What is your favorite part of blogging?
5. Are you kinky? How did you come to this conclusion?
6. What do you want to be when you grow up?
7. What is the most important thing about you that you want everyone to know?

Review: Tenga 3D Zen

It’s a sculpture…It’s an art piece…It’s a sex toy? This is the Zen from Tenga’s 3D line of masturbation sleeves that look more like modern art then something you should be wrapping around your cock. But who’s to say that it can’t be both art and a great sex toy?


The Tenga 3D Zen is a masturbation sleeve about 12cm in length and 5cm in diameter. Tenga labels the material it’s made from as “Ag Antibacterial Elastomer” which doesn’t tell you a whole lot other than it contains silver, It is definitely porous but certified antibacterial so it should be safe in the long-term – I wouldn’t be sharing it with a partner though. The material is super soft and stretchy with a silky feel to it, Though it can feel a bit thin and fragile at times. Other reviewers have mentioned that their Tenga 3D’s didn’t have much of a smell to them but mine had a very strong chemical odor to it when I opened it, After a wash it immediately went away but I felt it was worth noting. Texture wise the Zen is meant to look like the lines in a zen garden, Lines start off spread farther apart and spiral in closer together towards the middle and back out again.



Tenga  really did an amazing job when it comes to the packaging on the 3D line.  All of the Tenga 3D sleeves come perched on a black plastic pedestal with a clear cover to protect the toy from being bumped around, It manages to protect the toy, look really classy and serve as a place to dry the toy when you’re done with the clean-up. Underneath the stand is a small compartment that contains a packet of Tenga’s own eloquently named “Hole Lotion” lubricant which contains enough for one use. It’s a wonderful and well thought out package and I wish more companies would put this much effort into the packaging. Upon unpacking my zen I noticed that it had quite a few imperfections in the texture, Most likely from air bubbles when they poured the material, While this didn’t impact the use of the toy at all it was a bit disheartening to see that gorgeous pattern with so many imperfections.


In Use


Before you can use the Zen or any other product from Tenga’s 3D line you have to turn it inside out so that the texture is on the inside. I found the Zen to be a little lube hungry, Due to all the fine little ridges and valleys it takes a fair bit of lube to get the whole thing slick. Once you have yourself inserted the texture is immediately apparent, The only way I can describe the sensation of the texture in use is gentle but intense. You don’t feel any of the individual ridges in the texture, The material is too soft and the ridges are too close together instead you just get a wonderful and enveloping intense sensation. Due to the way the 3D line is designed when you first insert yourself into the toy it tends to trap a little pocket of air inside the toy, By squeezing the tip of the toy you can force the air out of the sleeve and increase the suction inside. Because the 3D doesn’t have any sort of hard outer casing like Fleshlights or Tenga’s Flip Hole you can simply squeeze the sleeve to increase or decrease the pressure. Orgasms while using the Zen are intense, I have to stop any movement at all once the orgasms starts otherwise its just way to much stimulation and starts to turn into discomfort bordering on pain.

Cleanup with the Zen is extremely easy, When you are done with the toy you can stand it upright inside the base of the stand, A quick rinse with water while turning the Zen inside out and a quick pat-down with a lint free cloth is all you should need. Once the Zen has been washed off you can put it back onto the wonderful little stand that it comes with to dry. If the sleeve starts to get sticky after several uses just give it a quick powdering with some corn starch and that should go away.


The Tenga 3D Zen is a great little masturbation sleeve. It’s easy to clean, Comes with a wonderful little stand system built into the packaging and of course it feels great! Tenga says the Zen is designed to last for around 50 uses if taken care of properly, While I’m sure it could last longer with the retail price of around $49.99 CDN it is a little disappointing because you’re going to want to use this toy – A lot. If you’re looking for a great masturbation sleeve that doesn’t look like a masturbation sleeve the Zen is a great choice as long as you don’t mind paying $50 for a sleeve that you are eventually going to have to toss. You can find the Tenga 3D Zen at most online retailers.

HedoVibes Round Up #90


Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

Want to read more reviews? Check out HedoVibes for a list of the latest reviews and stellar reviewers. You can also follow on twitter for the latest round ups. HedoVibes is also accepting photo submissions for each edition.










The Week That Kept On Taking.

There is going to be no review this week sadly, I have had a most frustrating week.

Event recap time! Shortly after posting my review last week I received a phone call from my employer saying that she was very sorry but due to a drastic decrease in sales my hours would be cut from near full-time to barely part-time hours. While having my hours cut at work wasn’t the most pleasant thing I can still get by, I have a decent amount of savings and some other sources of income I can pursue. A day or two later I needed to visit the local pharmacy and refill two of my prescriptions, I found out later that day that the pharmacist had mixed up my meds and they had made me quite ill. Whilst recovering from the prescription mishap I thought that I would get some writing done for the blog, I had planned on doing a review of the Fleshlight O’Doyle’s Backdoor Stout masturbation sleeve.

After using the sleeve, Taking notes and cleaning the sleeve I left it to dry on the desk in my room, A short while later I got an urgent phone call from a family member about some concerning events that required my attendance. Upon my return home from my family’s house I couldn’t find the Fleshlight I was reviewing, After almost an hour of searching and confusion I asked my roommate about it and apparently she had taken it upon herself to not only invade my personal privacy by snooping around my room while I was out of the house but she also took it upon herself to destroy my personal belongings because it didn’t coincide with her religion and upbringing. With the sleeve being in an unrecoverable state I decided that I would do a quick overview rather than a full in-depth review as I was lacking pictures and sufficient info to do a full review. Next day I started writing for the salvage review and I got most of it done, Was feeling pretty good about how it was coming so I went to go make myself some dinner, But when I returned I found that my hard drive had failed. I’ve spent the last couple of days using the “freezer trick” and I’ve been able to restore a good portion of my lost data, But sadly not the review.

Its been an extremely disorienting week and you have my apologies for not being able to come up with a proper review, Regular reviews will start again either later this week or beginning of next.

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