There is going to be no review this week sadly, I have had a most frustrating week.

Event recap time! Shortly after posting my review last week I received a phone call from my employer saying that she was very sorry but due to a drastic decrease in sales my hours would be cut from near full-time to barely part-time hours. While having my hours cut at work wasn’t the most pleasant thing I can still get by, I have a decent amount of savings and some other sources of income I can pursue. A day or two later I needed to visit the local pharmacy and refill two of my prescriptions, I found out later that day that the pharmacist had mixed up my meds and they had made me quite ill. Whilst recovering from the prescription mishap I thought that I would get some writing done for the blog, I had planned on doing a review of the Fleshlight O’Doyle’s Backdoor Stout masturbation sleeve.

After using the sleeve, Taking notes and cleaning the sleeve I left it to dry on the desk in my room, A short while later I got an urgent phone call from a family member about some concerning events that required my attendance. Upon my return home from my family’s house I couldn’t find the Fleshlight I was reviewing, After almost an hour of searching and confusion I asked my roommate about it and apparently she had taken it upon herself to not only invade my personal privacy by snooping around my room while I was out of the house but she also took it upon herself to destroy my personal belongings because it didn’t coincide with her religion and upbringing. With the sleeve being in an unrecoverable state I decided that I would do a quick overview rather than a full in-depth review as I was lacking pictures and sufficient info to do a full review. Next day I started writing for the salvage review and I got most of it done, Was feeling pretty good about how it was coming so I went to go make myself some dinner, But when I returned I found that my hard drive had failed. I’ve spent the last couple of days using the “freezer trick” and I’ve been able to restore a good portion of my lost data, But sadly not the review.

Its been an extremely disorienting week and you have my apologies for not being able to come up with a proper review, Regular reviews will start again either later this week or beginning of next.