Tantus time once again with my first ever foray into the world of cock rings!



The Super Soft C-Ring comes in a very simple snap open plastic clam shell packaging, In typical Tantus fashion the toy is prominently displayed in the packaging and the design is simple and tasteful, Kudos Tantus.


The C-Ring is made from Tantus’s wonderful 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone which in this case is velvety and smooth as well as extremely pliable and stretchy. Tantus lists the unstretched  diameter as 3.8cm and the stretched diameter at 12cm. Matte silicone seems to always be a dust magnet and the C-Ring is no different its near impossible to keep it dust free but a quick wipe down with some water is a quick remedy. The C-Ring is quite thick and sturdy and should last you a very long time.


In Use

Due to the stretchy nature of the C-Ring it’s extremely easy to stretch over your cock and balls even without any lubrication and it rests quite comfortably once it’s there, Sadly for me the comfort was very short lived as I could only wear the C-Ring for about 5 minutes before I felt like it was crushing me.  While I don’t have experience with any other cock rings my discomfort might be due to my slightly above average girth or it could simply be that I am unaccustomed to being restricted, Either way after many attempts the discomfort sadly did not go away. Although I couldn’t wear the C-Ring for very long in the short time that I could wear it I could definitely see why people enjoy using them! Seeing yourself engorged with your cock at full attention is really a big turn on, Veins that were previously invisible or barely there now stand proud and really make your cock look different than what you’re used too. Luckily all was not lose with the Tantus C-ring as I found another use for it that I really quite enjoy, I tried using the ring on just my cock but that did almost nothing, However I found that just pulling my testes through and leaving the ring cinched up right against my testes was a very pleasurable experience, It offers a nice pulling/stretching sensation . Due to my limited ability to wear the the C-Ring for an extended period of time I can’t comment on if it prolonged or extended my orgasms but with it wrapped around my scrotum it was definitely pleasurable during orgasm, I could feel my scrotum contracting and fighting the mild restriction that the C-Ring was offering – Not mind blowing but great for mixing up my masturbation sessions.


The Tantus Super Soft C-Ring even though I couldn’t use it as intended is still a great product, It’s extremely well built in typical Tantus fashion and it should offer a comfortable fit for most people. The thing I can’t get over though is just how inexpensive this thing is!  Tantus is offering the Super Soft C-Ring for only $10.46 which for a premium silicone product is incredibly good value, If you’re interested in trying out cock rings or you know you like them and are wanting a good quality new ring to try out check out the Tantus Super Soft C-Ring! You can pick it up directly from Tantus at the link below or at your favourite retailer!