Riders on the storm, Into this house we’re born…Wait that’s not right. Ride Bodyworx? Yeah that sounds better. Ride Bodyworx is a new series of lubes with marketing aimed at men made by the seemingly “can do no wrong” folks over at Sliquid. Time to find out if Ride Bodyworx arrives at it’s intended destination.


Ride Bodyworx doesn’t come in any sort of exterior packaging so to speak other than the bottle itself. Visually the bottle is very appealing, It’s an all black container with a snap top lid and a matte finished label.  The symbol that they’ve chosen is a dragon, As a whole the labeling gives off a feeling a quality – Actually it looks like something you’d see in a upscale nightclub but maybe that’s just me.


Since Ride Bodyworx is made by Sliquid the ingredient list is short, safe, and mostly pronounceable which is always a good thing! No parabens or glycerin here, If you want to know more about lube in general and some of the ingredients in them there is a simply wonderful guide over on  the Lorax of Sex blog called  Adventures In Lube Land that I highly recommend everyone to read through.  Interestingly two of the ingredients in the lube are something you’re probably more used to seeing in your sushi dinner than in lube – Seaweed! Nori and Wakame are both listed under the ingredients, Their purpose there remain unknown to me but if anyone knows please let me know! My guess would be that it helps with the lube drying out or adds to the lubricity but I’m really not sure. The Ride series of lubes come in two different sizes the one I have here is the 125ml (4.2oz) size, It’s also available in a 255ml (8.5oz) size. If you would like to check out the full ingredient list check out the official product page here. Being a water based lube means that Ride is safe with basically any toy or orifice you would want to use a lube for, And the safe ingredients means it should have a better chance of working for those of you who have sensitivities.

In Use

Ride is middle of the road in terms of viscosity, It’s not what I would call watery but it’s certainly not thick like some gel lubes. It stay’s well enough to apply it where you want without running or dripping all over the place and it spreads easily. While slick the lube wasn’t so slick as to dull sensation, Especially for skin on skin stimulation but I did find that the lube had a tenancy to froth or foam quite a bit during use, Not a huge deal for me but may be an issue for some. When used on toys the lube lasted a quite a long time but when used on exposed skin it dried or got absorbed into the skin very quickly and I found myself having to reapply more often than I would have liked, But unlike a lot of other lubes when Ride dries it doesn’t go super sticky or leave a film and I sometimes found it hard to even see where it had been applied. Like most good quality water based lubes Ride is incredibly easy to wash off and doesn’t make my skin feel dry or itchy afterwards like some other lubes I’ve tried.


Overall I really enjoyed my experience with the water based version of the Ride Bodyworx lube, I don’t tend to use it very much for skin on skin stimulation as it dried out to quickly for my tastes. When using Ride on toy’s however it offers a really great balance between slickness, longevity and texture without making me feel like I was loosing any sensation, I didn’t find it quite as thick as I would like for anal play as it tended to get pushed out of the way rather than stay where you wanted it but you may have a different experience with that. To add the how well it worked with all the toys I tried it on it’s  extremely easy to clean up and didn’t leave any sort film or stickiness. I’m not a huge fan of the gender binary advertising that Sliquid seems to be using to promote the Bodyworx series but  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the water based Bodyworx to someone who’s looking for a good high quality lube that that’s Eco-friendly and easy on the skin.

Thank you to Sliquid who sent me this product to review in exchange for an honest and unbiased review