Charming little thing isn’t it? Simple looking and unassuming, Perfect for my first ever dildo review for the blog! I’m excited to see if the Charm 2 is as plain as it looks or if it runs off and becomes the center of attention at the grand ball.


The Charm 2 comes in a simple and brightly coloured cardboard box with a large picture of the toy on the front, And another picture on the back along with easy to read measurements. While not exactly discrete the packaging is really tasteful and displays all the relevant info you need. Inside the box the Charm was wrapped in a simple plastic bag, No other padding or packing material but the toys a solid chunk of silicone and barring some sort of massive foul up during shipping it should arrive to you safe and sound.



The Charm 2 is an all silicone harness compatible dildo from Pleasure Works, It stands 17.8cm tall and 3.2cm wide and has a gentle curve towards the top 1/3rd of the toy. Charm 2 is a uniform 13cm circumference throughout the length of the toy and despite how it looks the base is actually an oval shape with a circumference of 22.3cm – It’s a nice size and easy to hold on to. The silicone Pleasure Works decided to go with on the Charm 2 is a gloss silicone with a decent amount of drag and it’s a fairly firm silicone, Almost as firm as the regular Tantus silicone but not quite – It’s a good compromise between soft and firm.  I’m not sure if it’s just my copy but as you can see in the pictures there is some form of glitter or reflective material embedded into the silicone, It’s more noticeable in pictures than in person but it does give the Charm 2 some character. The colour of the Charm 2 is listed as “Merlot” but I found the colour of the toy completely depends on the light it’s in, Sometimes it looks like a really dark red and other times it looks nearly hot pink.

In Use

Due to the relatively draggy nature of the silicone used the Charm 2 took a fair bit more lube than what I would have expected  but once it was sufficiently slippery I had no issues inserting the toy. Being a consistent girth and having a rounded tip really make the Charm 2 easy to work with. At first I think I was expecting to much from the Charm 2 because I couldn’t really feel much of anything after I had it inserted but once I started to move it around I realized that this toy is really all about movement. I tried slow thrusting at first which was definitely pleasurable, The curved end combined with the relatively firm silicone caused it to brush past my prostate with light pressure on each stroke. Faster movement actually brought less enjoyment for me, I couldn’t feel it on my prostate at all with faster movements and overall It just didn’t feel as comfortable as slower more deliberate thrusting. The base is really easy hold on to and it’s a comfortable size but due to the oval shape it’s not overly comfortable between your cheeks. Riding the Charm 2 felt vastly different, It hit my prostate a lot harder, Not quite enough to bring me to a prostate orgasm but enough to give me that wonderful warm sensation I get from prostate stimulation. Due to the shape, easy to accommodate size and the harness compatible base this would be a great and affordable choice for pegging or general harness play.


The Charm 2 is the embodiment of the KISS Principle, Keep It Simple, Stupid.  The dildo is simple, well made and extremely well priced. The gentle curve is enough to offer a decent amount of pressure on the prostate without being hard to insert or overly aggressive, It’s not super girthy or textured and it doesn’t vibrate – It’s simple but it checks all the right boxes. The Charm 2 looks unassuming and simple but it’s a well crafted piece of silicone that shouldn’t be underestimated. I’d be quick to recommend the Charm 2 to someone for a variety of different kinds of play and  it’s low price tag it makes it even more appealing, This would make a great first dildo or starter dildo but if the size is a little to intimidating the smaller version of this toy known just as the “Charm” is a decent bit smaller at 14.6cm tall and 2.5cm wide. If you are interested in picking up the Charm 2 or the Charm you can find it at the link below and for only $42 It’s pretty hard to go wrong.

Thank you to Good Vibrations who sent me this product to review in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.