Another day another Pleasure Works dildo, This time I have my hands and butt on the Riley which is a non realistic curved dildo with a slot for a vibrator. Time to get all riled up for the review!


The Pleasure Works Riley comes in  an identical box to the Charm 2 , It’s a bright and colourful cardboard box with measurements and easy to read information, The inside has no plastic packaging or other supporting structure but considering that the Riley basically a solid chunk of silicone it’s not an issue unless there is some sort of massive mess up in shipping.


The Pleasure Works Riley is a pretty standard looking affair for a dildo, The only really prominent features on the dildo are the fairly severe curve across the entire length and the smooth and bulbous head at the tip. Riley is not what I would consider a realistic dildo, There is no texture at all across the shaft and while the tip of the dildo is shaped like the glans of a penis it lacks finer details like a pronounced coronal ridge or a urethral opening.

My Riley is in this wonderful medium purple colour but it’s also available in a bright teal colour as well if the purple just doesn’t do it for you.  I actually had a bit of a hard time trying to get pictures of the Riley, Like the Charm 2 that I reviewed something about the colour of this silicone seemed to change constantly depending on the light.

Cast in firm pure silicone the Riley measures in at 16.5cm x 3.5cm across the majority of the length with it increasing to around 4cm diameter at the widest part of the head, The base is small and perfectly round and even people with small hands shouldn’t have an issue getting a grip on the toy in use, The base also makes it O-ring harness compatible. Along the very bottom of the base is the receptacle for a bullet style vibrator.

Pleasure Works are kind enough to include a waterproof single speed bullet vibe, It’s a little larger than the Tantus single speed vibe and while the vibrations are a little buzzy they are definitely stronger. I’m pretty sure that I just have horrible luck with these sorts of things because the first bullet vibe I received when I bought my Tantus ProTouch was defective and wouldn’t work at all and this one has a power button that is stuck on the entire time, In order to turn the vibe on or off I have to screw the entire cap on or off the back of the vibe which isn’t a huge deal but it’s annoying no less. The vibe is powered by 3 LR44 cell batteries which are easy to find should you need to replace them.

With the receptacle for the vibe in the bottom you would think that inserting and removing the vibe would be easy right? How very wrong that is, Because of the smooth silicone and lack of any sort of texture when you insert the bullet vibe into place it forms a seal so strong it defies reality, Every single Riley should come with a warning label that reads:

WARNING: Insertion of the included bullet vibe without prior application of lube will result in a vacuum seal. The seal created will be so strong no mortal being will be able to remove it, If this occurs you must first ask the dildo god for forgiveness and judiciously apply sacred lube,  Once the sacred lube is applied you must show the gods that you are worthy in a feat of extreme strength and if the gods deem you worthy they will allow for the removal of the vibrator.

This took me over 25 minutes to remove.

In Use

Even though the Riley looks fairly plain and unassuming my experience with it has been the polar opposite of plain, Definitely a case of looks being deceiving.

The heavy curve along with the bulbous head make the Riley probably the nicest dildo I’ve had the pleasure of using for thrusting, Mostly because regardless of what direction it was in or how fast or slow it was used it targeted my prostate like some sort of heat seeking missile. Every single thrust with the Riley seemingly have something to offer in terms of pleasure, My prostate requires quite firm pressure but the Riley was up to the task the whole time, If the curve was facing towards my front it would hit my prostate quite firmly but only for a second as it went past, If I flipped it the other way with the curve facing away it stayed nestled against my prostate with constant pressure which felt amazing.

At only 4cm at it’s widest this isn’t exactly a dildo for the girth-aficionados out there but due to the slimmer nature of the toy was an extremely easy affair to use, a healthy dose of your favourite water based lubricant and away you go! Most time I didn’t even need a warm up from another toy first as the tapered head of the Riley was more than adequate for easing into things, I did notice that like the Charm 2 the Riley tends to be a little lube hungry due to the type of silicone used, It’s smooth and shiny but also has a decent amount of drag to it.

Vibration wise the Riley was a little bit unimpressive for me, While the bullet vibe was stronger the other bullet vibes I have tried the vibrations were localized to the base and didn’t transfer it to head while in use – I couldn’t feel them at all. With the dildo inserted most of the way though you could definitely feel the vibe buzzing away and it did feel really nice, Made my whole anus tingle and feel warm but after a while it started to feel numbing rather than pleasurable.


After just a couple of uses the Riley quickly climbed near the top of my favourites list, Everything about it just seems to work with my anatomy and the feeling of it against my prostate was simply amazing. Riley isn’t without it’s issues though, the included vibe is fairly weak and nearly possible to remove without lube and I feel like if the vibe slot were to be removed and replaced with a suction cup I would enjoy it even more but that’s picking at straws because when it comes down to it the Riley is a great piece of silicone. It’s slender and smooth with just enough curve and a prominent enough head to offer a ton of pleasure. This has consistently become the go to toy for both me and my partner and it’s an easy recommendation to anyone looking for a dildo without much texture or girth. If you want to pick up the Riley you can do so from the Good Vibrations store for only $54.00!
Thank you to Good Vibrations who sent me this product to review in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.