Dildo off the starboard  bow! Today I’m taking an in depth look at handmade creation that screams of character and charm.

About Tails and Portholes

Tails and Portholes is an Etsy shop that specializes in mermaid and mermaid themed items, In this case it’s a dildo but Brandie the store owner also offers items such as custom sea shells or even mermaid bras! Tails and Portholes is a home run business and between choosing what colours you want and the imperfect nature of homemade products the items offered have a very personal quality to them, While the products are homemade Brandie is constantly improving her methods and uses top notch materials in her creations. If you’re interested in checking out the store you can find it here, Brandie is also very active and involved in the community and can be reached at her twitter account here.


I received my package from Tails and Portholes before they had established a system for packing and shipping them, Mine arrived to me wrapped in a plastic bag that was slipped inside a bubble mailer, But if you order one now it comes in an appropriately sized unmarked brown cardboard box. Sadly I don’t have any photos of the newer packaging or my original packaging either but the dildo is pure silicone and should arrive to you in perfect health!


Look at it! Just look at it! When I was asked what colour I wanted my dildo to be all I said was “surprise me” and little did I know that I would get this glorious piece of silicone in the mail! And seemingly by magic Brandie knew that earth tones are my favourite and I got this lovely pale green an coppery brown mixture that I just adore.

The Male Nereid is a fantasy dildo but not to an extreme extent, It’s more like a semi-realistic dildo with some fantasy elements added in, Typically fantasy theme dildos tend to be on the larger side but I’m happy to report that the Male Nereid is a very reasonable size at 12.7cm of insertable length and 4.5cm diameter.

Looking at the Male Nereid from the “top” you would never really know that it’s a fantasy dildo but once you see the bottom you realize that this isn’t your average silicone penis, Along the back side of the dildo is a ridge of overlapping scales that run the entirety of the instertable length. The shaft of the toy has a nice curve to it and the thickness of the shaft isn’t consistent throughout with it being the thickest about 1/3rd of the way down from the tip of the toy, and speaking of the tip it’s worth mentioning that the Nereid has wonderful semi-realistic head with a clearly defined coronal ridge making this toy a really interesting mixture of fantasy and realism. Also included in the package is a suction cup base (No longer offered on orders) on the dildo but sadly mine doesn’t seem to work too terribly well, It’s enough to keep the dildo in place on a floor or other flat surface but not enough to hang it off a wall.

Beautiful colours aside the Nereid is made from not one but two densities of silicone, this is a handmade custom ordered dual density dildo! The outer section that you can touch and feel is wonderfully squishy and I’ve spent far more time that I would care to admit just staring and squishing this dildo for fun , At the center of the toy is a much firmer core that you can feel throughout about 2/3rds of the toy. The dual density core in mine is situated a little closer to the top smooth side of the dildo making that side feel a little bit harder than the back side with the scales.

There are some issues with the Nereid though, I received a very early copy of the toy before the owner had a vacuum chamber for removing air bubbles in the silicone so my Nereid is spattered with small bubbles and holes across various parts of the toy. Never did I feel like the bubbles or imperfections made the toy fragile or prone to breaking but the cavities can harbor bacteria and other nasties so extra attention while cleaning mine is an absolute must. With the addition of the vacuum chamber and a refinement of her process this shouldn’t be an issue for anything placing an order now but since they are present on my copy I thought it warranted mentioning.

Base Closeup

In use

I’ll be honest, the first time I tried this toy out I hated it but I’m really glad I kept an open mind and kept trying different things because I really do love this toy now.

After getting sufficiently warmed up and using a healthy dose of water based lube (Remember that silicone lube and silicone toys don’t mix) I inserted the dildo, The head felt great and immediately after getting the head in you’re greeted by that ridge of scales. While the scales are going in they feel wonderful and I didn’t expect them to feel as prominent as they are given how soft the silicone is, on the way out is where I encountered a problem, The tip of the scales on their way out felt really grabby and extremely unpleasant, It felt a like they were getting caught and pulling at my butt and was borderline painful.  All was not lost though as I kept at it after a few uses I just realized that there is no way I could thrust this toy with any speed, I could move the toy in at a reasonable speed but I had to go amazingly slow on the way out, We’re talking glacially slow here but that has its benefits as it really allowed me to focus on the texture and feel.

Nereid Profile

At the time of my first using it the Male Nereid was by far the girthiest toy I had used and it took a lot of time and practice for me to be able to use it comfortably, And of course a good helping of lube.  The Male Nereid gave me the biggest sense of fullness I’ve ever experienced with a toy, I never really considered myself a girth-aficionado before but this may have just converted me. Surprisingly given how filling the Male Nereid is I didn’t get a ton of prostate stimulation instead it was a nice constant pressure that made me feel very full along with the warm sensation I get with prostate play.

Nereid With Necklace

A necklace came with mine made from extra silicone during molding.

The base of the Nereid while not being that great as a suction cup is a great to hold while you’re using it, The soft silicone coupled with the small size of the base makes it really easy to get a solid and comfortable grip even with lube everywhere and never did my hand feel like it was cramping or getting tired from holding onto the base.

Final Thoughts – Tails and Portholes Male Nereid

Even though my original impressions were of extreme discomfort and borderline pain things really turned around once I started using the dildo a little differently.

Overall I really like the Male Nereid from Tails and Portholes but it’s not without it faults, Most of my major complaints have been fixed in the newer version of the toy though, The new version has a thicker base and should be air bubble free meaning cleaning won’t be as tedious.  While I do enjoy the full sensation it gives me getting to a point where I can comfortably insert a toy this wide is a lot of work for me and because of that this isn’t a toy I can use as frequently as I would like.

Issues aside the toy really feels great in use, even though I have to go really slow there was never a point at which I felt the toy was lacking in it’s ability to stimulate. Something about the Male Nereid just feels very comforting and welcoming, Maybe its the super soft and delightful silicone or maybe it’s because there is no other dildo like this but I’ve grown strangely attached to it and it now has a place among my favourites.

The real winning factor here though is the price! Tails and Portholes are selling the toy for only $55USD which is an amazing deal for such a beautiful handmade dildo. If you know that you can handle the 4.5cm girth or you’re  just looking for a nice easy stepping stone into the realm of fantasy dildos the Male Nereid is an amazing choice. If you’re interested in picking it up you can find it at their Etsy shop at the link below.


A big thank you to Tails and Portholes for sending this out to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.