Whats that? I haven’t put out a review in how long? No no that can’t be right. It is? Well I apologize for my absence but rest assured this new review is no fluke! What? Ohh just read the review!


I love the simple packaging of the Fluke! It comes in a a plain cardboard tube wrapped in brown padded paper, Maybe it was because of the colours but the package reminded me of that impatient excited feeling you get after buying a nice piece of meat at the butchers (Or maybe that’s just me). On the one side of the tube is the label for the Fluke which has a very suburbia type feel to it. With no moving parts on any of the toys and the cardboard being very dense and sturdy you can rest assured that it will arrive to you unharmed.


Yet again I have another beautiful chunk of silicone on my hands, And what a hefty chunk of silicone it is! This cute and stocky looking thing is the Fluke! This one specifically is in the Miami vice colour which is a wonderful light and darker blue fade.

Fluke Side

The fluke is in a bit of an interesting place as far as design goes, I could see it being labeled as both a dildo or a plug, And even on the store page it’s referred to as a “plug-style piece” lending even more to it’s hybrid nature. The toy stands 14.6cm tall and 5.1cm in diameter (5 3/4″ and 2″ in imperial) so it’s no joke when it comes to girth and takes crown for widest toy in my collection so far.

Starting from the top of the toy it’s got a nice tapered tip that rapidly widens into the full width of 5.1cm at the coronal ridge. The shaft of the toy also has a taper to it and starts from around 4cm and narrows to 3cm at the bottom, right below that is the base which comes in at 6.5cm across which is a very reasonable size and shouldn’t pose an issue for those with small hands.

Underside of Fluke

The entire toy is cast from pure silicone meaning it’s easily cleaned and sterilized as well as being body safe, Hole Punch lists the Fluke as being made from soft silicone but in my experience I’m not sure that soft would be the adjective that I’d use – It’s certainly not hard like some Tantus toys but it’s not really soft either, the only thing I can think of when describing the feel of it is ‘bouncy’ but even that seems slightly wrong. The silicone is wonderfully smooth and matte but doesn’t have a lot of drag to it and the finish on mine is nearly flawless.

The Fluke has several aspects that lend themselves to being both artistic as well as semi realistic, The shape of the head is vaguely reminiscent of the head of a penis but has a very exaggerated and angular coronal ridge, where you would expect to find the urethral dent you instead find a raised ridge that continues from where the lines of the angular coronal ridge intersect, also worth noting is the rounded ridge that runs the length of the “underside” of the toy.

Ιn Use

After the first time I tried using the Fluke I came to the very quick realizations that 4.5cm of soft silicone is nowhere near close to 5.1cm of firmer silicone and that my butt is in fact not magic and  this would require a lot of work and effort on my part in order to give it a fair review.

After a heavily extended period of warm up and what felt like half a bottle of lube I managed to get the Fluke inserted without any discomfort, And what a feeling it was! Having the Fluke in was an incredibly intense feeling and unlike anything I’ve experience to date. The entire time it was inside I had an overwhelming sensation of being filled and of being stretched, At first I didn’t know how to react as I thought I might have inserted the toy too quickly and caused myself some pain or discomfort but when I calmed down I realized it was just the intensity of the sensation throwing me off.

Danbo With Fluke

Thank goodness the tip of the Fluke isn’t anymore blunt than it is, while it has a fairly aggressive taper the width of the toy is so large it still felt really abrupt. The angular coronal ridge I talked about earlier definitely came as a bit of a shock when I felt it going in, while the silicone is isn’t hard by any means the edged formed from the angular design felt like just that – an edge, and it sort of felt like it was digging into me as it passed through.

Those of you who both have prostates and like larger toys should get a wealth of enjoyment from the Fluke, Without any angling or help the Fluke already gives plenty of prostate stimulation but with a slight angle towards the prostate? It was like a battle between the unstoppable force and the immovable object and the aftermath involved massive prostate orgasms. Generally speaking I need really firm pressure on my prostate in order to orgasm from it, And with just a slight forward angle and a bit of wiggling the Fluke back and forth and it was in the sweet spot for prostate orgasms.

Fluke Tip

I found the Fluke too big to use adequately as dildo or thruster but as a plug it served very well, Due to the large size and heavy taper across the whole toy the Fluke sits very very securely, Not once in my using the Fluke did I ever feel like it was in danger of slipping or falling out – Heck I don’t think it even rotated slightly. The base while small is completely round it gets in the way of your butt cheeks, instead of resting between them it pushes them apart, this wasn’t a big issue for me though but I imagine it would be mildly annoying if you were trying to wear it beneath clothes.

Final Thoughts – Hole Punch Toys Fluke

My experience with the Fluke has been an interesting one, I love the design and the aesthetic of the toy and it can produce some powerful prostate orgasms and enhance regular ones but the toy requires so much work and warm up from me that it feels like a chore to use rather than a entirely positive experience, Not to say that it’s a bad toy, no not at all it’s just the kind of toy that seldom sees frequent use but you’re still glad you have it in your collection for when you feel like using it again.

If you really enjoy a sense of fullness and being stretched the Fluke should definitely be on your shortlist of toys to buy, And if you can handle the 5.1cm girth and you’re equipped with a prostate it can also deliver some powerful and almost effortless prostate orgasms. While I didn’t  overly enjoy the overly angular edge of the coronal ridge or the round base which had a tendency to get in the way they never detracted from the toy itself and my experience with those features are from a purely anal point of view and may not be an issue if used vaginally or by someone more experienced than I.

Hole Punch Toys offers the Fluke for $54USD which for a toy of this size and quality is a steal. If you are interested in picking up the Fluke or any of the other colourful and interesting offerings from Hole Punch you can do so here.

A big thank you to Hole Punch Toys for sending this out to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.