You know the drill by now, It’s another Mental Health Monday!

Hello  everyone and welcome to  Mental Health Monday! This is a weekly installment that I’m running in hopes that it catches on and becomes a series that others feel comfortable enough to participate in and bring more attention to dealing with mental health. If you’re curious and would like to participate head over to Mental Health Mondays guideline page.

Finally I have something genuinely positive to write about this week! After many many months of being unemployed and desperately searching for employment, I finally landed a job! Prior to this point I’ve always just seen my job as just that, A job. It was always just something I did but didn’t enjoy simply because I had bills and ambitions that required money. This time around I finally found a job that I can say I enjoy going to, I like my coworkers and I enjoy the work and the products we make, I think I can finally understand what the term “job satisfaction” means now.

Additionally this job is not only enjoyable for me, It’s the best pay and benefits I have ever had at any job I’ve ever worked. I don’t think your average person who works without mental health issues can really fathom the hell that is being unemployed whilst trying to pay for rent, food and meds. In my case I mostly had to cut out two of those, For the past couple months I had to cut out two of my 3 daily medications because I couldn’t afford it, As well as cut my food budget down to unhealthy levels. Panic attacks from the constant financial stress and lack of meds just became a part of my life. My depression became worse without my meds and in general I just felt miserable all the time. Not a situation anyone should have to go through.

But finally after a really long time, Things are genuinely looking up. I’m finally on a track where I can not only get back to stability, I can actually improve my life rather than just scraping by, And that’s a pretty wonderful feeling.


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