Hello everyone and welcome to a new section of the blog! This is my rant space, Where I get to write out things that I’ve got on my mind, Sometimes they’ll be cohesive and other times not so much…

Some of you who follow me on twitter may know that I recently landed an amazing job working at a craft brewery! I love craft beer and it feels amazing to be a part of team that really enjoys what they do, But that doesn’t mean their isn’t stuff that pisses me off, Not even close.

The brewery I work at is referred to as a brewpub which just means we have a pub on the same premises as the brewery. The pub stays really busy and we have a very loyal customer base but I’d wager somewhere around 60-80% of our daily business is first time or new customers. Our bartender is really nice, She’s very approachable and friendly, Has excellent knowledge of our products and food pairings but she does something that really gets my blood boiling.

When it comes to craft beer and just beer enthusiasts in general you will often hear people giving recommendations for new or interesting beer to one another, But one thing I’ve noticed is that if someone outright says they dislike or hate beer near an enthusiast they often make it their mission to get that person to try a beer and get them to like it. You’ll often hear people say things like “Ohh well you just haven’t tried the right one” or after hearing what they’ve tried going “Well of course you didn’t like those beers”. This kind of behaviour certainly isn’t limited to just beer and alcohol, But it seems to be extremely prevalent in the community and especially with my coworker.

Suggestions are a great thing, They can convince people to try something new and broaden their horizons, But when someone turns down your suggestion or expresses distaste for the category don’t freaking force the issue! Our bartender is extremely bad for this, She will straight up ignore people saying that they dislike and don’t want beer and start pouring something for them anyway because, As she says “Ohh, I know your going to like this one”  or “This is so much better than XXX brand”. I understand that to a certain point that’s her job, To sell the product and to get people to try it, But she takes it way too far.

Think about the situation if you swapped beer for something else, “No thanks, I don’t like cheese” “Ohh you’ve just had crappy cheese, here’s a grilled cheese sandwich” or “No thanks, I don’t like oral sex” “Ohh you’ve just never had good oral sex”, Seems a lot less tolerable right? It’s salesmanship and curiosity up until a certain point, After that you’re just blatantly ignoring their preferences and forcing yours on them. Maybe, Just maybe they *gasp* genuinely don’t fucking like beer! Forcing people who don’t like beer to try beer isn’t going to make them magically like it, Instead they’re probably going to continue to dislike beer, Probably because they don’t like the flavours of the base ingredients in beer, Or maybe they’ll continue to dislike it just out of spite for some asshat who tried to force them to like it in the first place.

Moral of the rant is if someone says they dislike something, Don’t be “that” person who fawns and obsesses over trying to convert them to like it, If your ego can’t take the thought of someone having a different preference to your own maybe you should spend a little less time near people. Nobody likes to have their preferences forced to attempt change, And just because someones preferences differs from your own, Doesn’t mean that theirs or your preference is invalid, It’s just different!