Mental Health Mondays! Woo! Anyone else excited? Come check out this week’s MHM post; Now with more positivity!

Hello  everyone and welcome to  Mental Health Monday! This is a weekly instalment that I’m running in hopes that it catches on and becomes a series that others feel comfortable enough to participate in and bring more attention to dealing with mental health. If you’re curious and would like to participate head over to Mental Health Mondays guideline page.

Seemingly by some strange series of events I’m actually in an amazing mood today, And I’ve been in a pretty swell mood all week as well.  Things just sort of fell into place this week, I’m really enjoying my job, The annoying coworker I have has been moved to a different section so I don’t have to deal with him anymore, And I found out that I’m actually getting paid more than I was initially told because of how well I’m doing.

Through my working career (If you can call it that) I’ve only ever worked retail or manual labour jobs, While currently this job is no different I genuinely enjoy what I’m doing and with the amount of money, I’m making this may be the first time in my life that I’m not living paycheque to paycheque. Anyone else who’s ever worked their butts off and been barely scraping by will know just how big of a relief the thought of being able to get ahead financially is. One of the main things that will trigger my anxiety is when I have unexpected costs pop up or just barely squeak by for bills, And it’s just and awful dreadful feeling to loom over you all the time. The possibility of me actually being able to get ahead for once and build a rainy day fund, And for once not have to worry and panic about my financial situation has me bouncing off the wall in excitement.

In totally different news I finally found the time (and funds) to get my best friend who’s an awesome hair stylist to cut and colour my hair! This is something that I have been thinking about getting done for quite a while now and I was pretty nervous about it, But after getting it done I freaking love it! She did an amazing job with it I don’t know if I can go back to my plain old hair colour anytime soon now!

It’s amazing how something seemingly so simple as putting a bit of colour in my hair can boost my self-image and self-confidence. I haven’t felt this confident in myself in a long time and after months of feeling detestable and undesirable, it’s a pretty great feeling.


Mental Health Mondays