When it comes to men and sex toys, there’s noother name to mention than Aneros. Aneros is one of the finest producers of male sex toys and for good reason. Their toys are absolute perfection and when it comes to the toy at hand called Progasm, we have nothing but great words for this man-made miracle. Let’s get a little into what the Progasm is all about.

The Aneros Progasm

The first thing you need to know about this toy is that it isn’t new on the market. It’s one of Aneros’ older products but it definitely isn’t one you should forget about. It’s a great competitor to a lot of the newer toys and this includes Aneros’ own products. The Progasm is a masterpiece that companies can only make once in their lifetime. And, without a doubt, this is the masterpiece for Aneros. Compare it to the Aneros Vice

On to the review

The packaging of the Aneros is enough to show how much of a premium toy it really is. The Progasm uses a magnetic flap case with the device resting inside a plastic compartment. One obvious drawback of the toy is the amount of stuff inside the box; or more accurately, the lack of stuff inside it. There’s just the device itself and a user manual.

The Progasm is huge, and when we say huge, we mean that it is the largest prostate massagers Aneros has to offer. It has an insertable length of 4 inches which is more than enough regardless of how deep your prostate may be. We’d also like to issue a small warning here. If you’re new to anal play, buy some other toy. The Progasm is out of your league and try some smaller toys before a massager with this much muscle. Trust us on this, or you may regret it soon enough! Aneros Helix, will it get you all twisted up?

Key Features:

  • Ergonomically designed Aneros prostate massager for out-of-this-world P-spot stimulation
  • Rounded, bulbous, angled tip for easy insertion and precise stimulation
  • Anchor base stops unwanted travel and offers scintillating external stimulation
  • P-tab massages perineum to enhance overall pleasure
  • K-tab stimulates Kundalini spot for all-encompassing arousal

The design of the toy is pretty unique. There’s a rounded tip specifically designed to ensure that the toy can hit the prostate perfectly. The bulbous shape is meant to give you an amazing amount of stimulation as you slowly insert the toy. Just like any other good prostate massager, Aneros thought about the safety of its consumers and created a longer base to ensure that the toy doesn’t create any health issues by slipping a little deeper than you can deal with.

Apart from the obvious purposes, the base also has a perineum tab, which is meant to create sensations around the perineum. The second portion is the kundalini tab which is supposed to rest somewhere between your anus and the butt crack. The sensations from the kundalini tab aren’t that exciting, but they’re still a decent addition to the overall experience. Check out if it’s on my exclusive list of the best sex toys for men


Final thing we’d want to mention is the material used to make this toy. Fortunately for us, Aneros used the finest medical-grade silicone they could find to construct this piece of beauty. So, there might be some areas of concern when you’re buying the Aneros Progasm, but one thing we can guarantee is that phthalates are not going to be one of them.