Gone are the days when sex toys were just meant for women. A couple decade ago, men weren’t supposed to be using sex toys. Those that did like sex toys never admitted this because apparently, using sex toys as a man in the early 2000s was as tough as being black in ‘50s. But, now things are lot different. There are completely separate collections to help men have a pleasureful time as they’re wander the corridors of solitary times. And, one small portion of that gigantic collection are toys called male masturbators. Now, the name might clarify what they’re all about, but if you’re a novice to sex toys like most of the guys reading this and don’t get what we mean, don’t worry because this guide is here to help you out. We’ll give you amateurs a complete low-down of what male masturbators are and inch you one step close to getting your own. Keep reading and by the time we finish, we’re sure that you’ll know exactly whether this is a good purchase or a bad one.

What Are Male Masturbators?

Male Masturbators, or more commonly referred to as fleshlights, were the brainchild of a man named Steve Shubin. Steve was the husband to a woman with high-risk pregnancy. So, he invented the very first Fleshlight that was meant to mimic the look and feel on an actual vagina. Since then, male masturbators have evolved a lot with much more realistic openings, life-like skin and automated features. To put it in simple words, if you’re interested in sex toys, male masturbators are something that you need to have in your closet.

Using Fleshlights

An example of a fleshlight

An example of a fleshlight

Well, there isn’t much to be explained here. There’s a hole, you have the penis; it’s that simple. However, if you want to get all technical about it, we can go into more detail.

The first step is warming up the toy. This is pretty important because the temperature of your sex toy has a lot to do with how real the fleshlight will feel. Most fleshlights are made of something called SuperSkin. While this material is almost identical to the real deal, it can feel like cold plastic from time to time. To maximize pleasure, dip your toy in warm water. Make sure it’s not too hot. SuperSkin is sensitive and will burn to really hot water.

Next comes the lube. This is where you want to go all out. Fleshlights are designed to be narrow to create that extra bit of stimulation, but without lube, it would just be a hassle to go inside this toy. Use your finger filled with lube to rummage around inside the toy. Make sure you get all the chambers regardless of how difficult it is. The amount of lube is pretty much proportional to the amount of fun you’ll get. Simple enough?

After you’re done using the fleshlight, it’s time to clean out your toy. This is the toughest part about owning a fleshlight. It’s almost impossible to clean and will make you hate your life. There are so many curves and ridges that your juices will get stuck to them and dislodging all that to disinfect the toy is going to be a nightmare. First thing you need to know about cleaning your fleshlight is to forget that you even own soap. Soap will ruin your SuperSkin and literally make the toy boring in just one wash. You should use nothing but water and a solution of alcohol to clean your toy. Put some water in the fleshlight and keep shaking it for about 30 seconds. Now, rummage around inside with your finger to get rid of your juices. Repeat the rinsing process a couple more times. In order to completely disinfect the toy, you can use isopropyl alcohol to remove the bacteria. Use the same 30-second rinsing process as you did with water earlier and leave

Features to Look For

What to look for in a male masturbator

What to look for in a male masturbator

We’re also going to be edging a bit towards a buying the right product so your first fleshlight can be the thing that gets you into sex toys. Here are a few things your fleshlight should have.


The first thing you need to think about is how much work you’re willing to put in to take care of your fleshlight. If you’re in for the long haul and can take proper care of your toy, then go ahead and buy a regular SuperSkin fleshlight. However, if you’re a lazy bum not willing to clean a toy every day, consider resorting to those split-open type of sex toys. These toys are extremely easy to clean and lube. They might not be as efficient or discreet as regular fleshlights, but they sure are easy to look after.


We mentioned discreet, let’s talk about it in a bit of detail. First off, if you live alone and have absolutely no problem with privacy, then just skip this part. However, if you have roommates or family members that don’t need to know about your certain habits, then try buying a smaller fleshlight without a motor or any other electrical feature. Smaller toys are easier to hide and as far as the motor is concerned, they aren’t made to be quite. People in the next room will hear the buzzing. If you really have privacy issues in your own home, there are fleshlights built from the ground up to be discreet. They’re small and when the case is closed, they look nothing like a sex toy.


You’ll find this point in literally every sex toy buying guide ever. Before you make the purchase, you need to ask the question, “How Much do I really need to spend?”. If this is your first toy, the answer should be less than $50. You can get a decent quality fleshlight and you’ll know whether this is the thing for you. However, if you want only the best of the best, don’t hesitate to drop a ton of money on your fleshlight. You’ll get an incredible experience which will be well-worth the money.

The Best Male Masturbators For 2019

This guide wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t give you a breakdown of some of the hottest fleshlights in the market today. So, if you’re not interested in going through all those features and actually finding a toy, just pick from our list down below and we guarantee that you will love them.  

  1. Stoya Destroya

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight

The Stoya Destroya is the world’s best selling fleshlight and for very good reason. The toy is one of Fleshlight Girl’s collection and is molded after the well-known performer Stoya. Stoya has been a trademark of the porn industry for the past decade and there’s probably no guy out there not familiar with who this beauty is.

The internal chambers of the stoya are what make it so beautiful. They’re so narrow that your penis could almost get stuck inside if it wasn’t for all that lube. There are multiple chambers that keep getting narrower as you move inside. Each chamber has several bulges, ridges and obstructions to stroke your penis as you move inside.

Stoya Destroya Texture

Stoya Destroya Texture

The size of the Stoya is also really impressive. The fleshlight has an insertable length of almost 9 inches, which is pretty much more than what most guys can reach. And, the cherry on top for buying the Destroya is that it directly supports Stoya. So, if you can’t seem to find a patreon link, go ahead and buy this toy to support Stoya directly!

2. Dillion Harper Crush

Dillion Harper Fleshlight Material

Dillion Harper Fleshlight Material

Fleshlights aren’t fun if they aren’t meant to replicate a pornstar’s body parts. Well, this one is quite special since it’s molded to Dillion Harper, one of the cutest women in porn today. At 27 years of age, she’s still particularly new to the industry. Regardless of that, she’s already a force to be reckoned with.

The Crush also has great things lying in the chamber of the toy. Unlike most fleshlights, Crush doesn’t have just one, or two, or three chambers; instead, it has a mind-whopping five-section chamber filled with all the goodies to make your feet curl. The way this toy works is that it uses one chamber to push you to the very edge then the next one to calm you back down. In a way, Crush helps you improve your timing during your sessions. Who knew there were perks of using a fleshlight.

Like the Stoya Destroya, Crush has even more narrower chambers to make insertion more fun. However, girthier guys won’t really take too kindly to this feature since they might not be able to fit. Plus, narrow means that cleaning is much more of a challenging task. So, if you could trade some convenience for a mind-blowing orgasm, then the crush is the way to go. Once again, similar to the destroya, a small portion of the earnings from Crush will go to Dillion Harper.  Read my full Dillion Harper fleshlight review.

3. Ice Lady

Ice lady

Ice lady

Ice Lady is another franchise of sex toys similar to the fleshlight series. However, Ice Lady doesn’t really try to hard on the replicating side of things. Their toys feel amazing, but they aren’t meant to look like the real thing. Instead, they make you orgasm so hard that you forget all about the real thing.

Ice Lady comes in three different types; the butt, the lady and the pure. The butt is obviously referring to the anal variant while the lady refers to the vagina product which is their best selling toy. The third one however is a lot different from the above too. It can’t even be compared to a body part since it’s not even supposed to be one. The whole purpose of the Pure is to be stimulating and it does that quite spectacularly. Same as the fleshlights mentioned above, the pure has bunch different textures and chambers. Another great feature of this toy is that it is see through, ensuring that you can get a peak under the hood as you’re going to work. This isn’t just aesthetically pleasing. The transparent design allows you to clean the device much easily too. You know exactly which section still has build-up so you can just get rid of it. How simple…

4. Stamina Training Unit

Stamina Training Unit

The name of this toy is probably the first thing you notice about it. Most of you probably despise the name and the toy because of it, on the same time, there are some men that are buying fleshlights for this specific purpose. If you ever find yourself in bed, not managing to last as long as you hope with a woman you like, then the STU could be a life-savor without a shadow of a doubt. This isn’t just a speculation, it’s scientifically proven fact. The manufacturers also claim that if you last 10 minutes on the STU, you’ll do 20 on the stage.

The STU is made of SuperSkin material, a substance that you might know to make pretty amazing fleshlight. It feels just amazing specatacular and as close to the real thing as you could ever hope for. There’s not much to be said about the interior design of this toy. It’s simple, but it does it’s job fairly successfully. SuperSkin feels a lot closer to the real deal and halfway in, you might forget that you’re not actually halfway in the real thing.


Closing Thoughts

The stuff we recommended to look for should be more than enough to help you pick out your new favorite toy. But, if you still can’t seem to narrow down to one choice, just pick one from this list of four and we’re sure that you’ll be happy with your new purchase.

More male masturbators I’ve tried include the Eva Lovia Fleshlight and the Jenna Haze Fleshlight.

If you’re looking for a hi-tech male masturbator try the Lovense Max or the Vstroker or the Tenga Flip Hole.

If you prefer something that’s stroke free try the Cobra Libre or the Hot Octopuss Pulse.