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Review: Doxy Skittle

The Doxy Skittle is here! And It’s quite an interesting looking one, But it won’t make you taste the rainbow…Actually it’s so powerful that it just might.

I’ll be totally honest here, This was originally going to be a video review, But after loosing my footage 3 separate times I’m far too frustrated to re-film and re-edit what I’ve lost right now, Remember people, A single backup isn’t enough! I will probably still make the video review, But I wanted to get this out first.


I feel like a lot of people may not realize that Skittle is also the name for a pin used in the game “Skittles” rather than the sugary candy, Which makes a lot more sense when you look at the Doxy Skittle  because clearly it looks nothing like candy. But it is a really interesting looking toy isn’t it? I was almost slightly confused as to why it was designed like this when I first looked at it but after using it that confusion went out the window. The Doxy Skittle is a wall outlet powered vibrator meant to be gender neutral, Usable for variety of body types, And offer powerful vibrations.

Top Section

The whole thing stands around 19cm tall with the insertable portion being approximately 6cm in height, Immediately after the insertable portion the toy flares out to oval base around 5cm wide, The Skittle stays pretty wide and curves in an out again down towards the base but this is where you hold the toy rather than use it. Most of the toy is covered in matte silicone except for a strip along the bottom which is ABS plastic. Coming out of the base is the cord which leads the inline controller for the toy, The other side of the controller leads to the wall plug. The attached cable for the Skittle is insanely long, It’s easily the longest cable I have ever seen on a toy and I don’t think anyone would ever complain about not being able to reach somewhere from the outlet, It’s 4 meters long!

Lets talk about the controller for a minute because some wonderful little details were added that I love. The controller has 3 nice and big buttons with inset power, plus and minus symbols on them, In addition the buttons glow blue when the toy is on making them even easier to use but my favourite bit is that even if the toy is off when you plug it in the buttons pulse and light up for a second, this is a really nice little detail that makes finding the controller in the dark really easy – Kudos Doxy. Other than that the controller functions like you would expect, Power for on and off, plus and minus for increasing or decreasing vibration intensity. Accessing the pulse setting is a little bit different though, you have to turn the toy off and then turn it back on again by holding the power button down for two seconds then releasing it, After that you can use the plus and minus buttons to vary intensity.

Coming back to the insertable pointer or “finger” and the base below it, Along the one side of the base there is a raised section with two indented sections to either side, I’m pretty sure that this is meant to sit comfortably between labia and provide clitoral stimulation but I found another great use for it, More on that a bit later. The Skittle isn’t an overly large toy but it’s sure built well, the entire package feels really solid without feeling extra heavy or cumbersome.

In Use

The Doxy Skittle is powerful, Extremely powerful, This is my first experience with a wall powered toy but I’d almost be hesitant to call what the Skittle puts out as vibrations, Quakes? Tremors? Contained dimensional instabilities? Whatever you call them they’re powerful enough to literally rub the skin off you, Sometimes in very sensitive areas (Not my best moment.). So if you need powerful vibrations the Skittle has you more than covered.

skittle on its side

My first go with the Skittle was pretty interesting, I took one look at the shape and the design and went “Prostate massage!” But after a sufficient amount of lube I was quite sad to find that the shaft on the end of the Skittle just isn’t near long enough to reach my prostate. The perineum massage from the smaller raised nub on the base felt great with the toy inserted though, And the vibrations from the pointer felt good internally, It just wasn’t hitting anywhere particularly interesting. As an external massager the Skittle is wonderful, It’s powerful and can pinpoint areas very easily due to the narrow pointer, But it can also supply some pretty great broad stimulation as well if you use the side of the pointer or the base instead of the tip.

After a few uses with the Skittle I kinda felt like I had discovered all there was to be discovered, And It was a great toy, I had no complaints, But then I found the way I’ve used to Skittle almost every single way since. Remember the little raised nub on the base? Well the curved swoop from that nub up to the pointer makes it perfect for wrapping around the head of your penis, So you get frenum stimulation from the pointer and extra stimulation from the nub on the front. With the Skittle in this orientation my entire stance on the toy changed, It went from a great toy to holy grail levels of pleasure. The combination of vibrations on both sides combined with the sheer power of the vibrations makes this probably the fastest and most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had. I often hear women say that the Magic Wand or the Doxy Wand are their go to when they can’t reach climax or just want to climax quickly and now I finally know what having that trump card is like.

Final Thoughts – Doxy Skittle

The Skittle is a wonderful addition to the toy box, I love the gender neutral design and the insanely powerful vibrations. The toy feels really good in the hand and I never found it overly heavy or tiring to hold on to. Orgasms from the Skittle come swiftly and they feel amazing. The Skittle did have a few points that I think could use some attention on future iterations, Like the seam running down the middle of the toy, While I couldn’t feel this in use it does detract from an otherwise stellar build quality. And the noise is could be a deal breaker for some, It’s not loud by any means, especially with how powerful the toy is, But’s its louder than your average vibrator.

I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t get any prostate stimulation from the Skittle but the skittle wasn’t designed for that, It was designed as an all purpose powerful vibrator for all body types and genders, And I think it does a pretty great job. External massage felt great and direct stimulation to the penis is intensely satisfying and I have no qualms with how the Skittle performed. Aside from the seam on the toy my other other critiques would be that I’d like to see the main unit of the toy sealed from water and moisture so it’s easier to clean, And maybe a different orientation for the cable, While not overly intrusive it did get in the way a couple of times.

In short, If you’re looking for a powerful vibrator that you don’t need to charge, don’t mind the relatively short insertable length or are looking for a external vibe the Doxy Skittle gets a standing orgasm ovation from me! Check out the listings on Doxy’s website to find a retailer near you, Or check your favourite online retailer!

A big thank you to Doxy for sending the Skittle out to me in exchange for an honest and  unbiased review.

Mental Health Monday: Week 4

Yet another week, And yet another Monday, But that means Mental Health Mondays!

Hello  everyone and welcome to  Mental Health Monday! This is a weekly installment that will hopefully catch on with other websites and bloggers, whether or not that happens is another story. You can read more over at Mental Health Mondays.

This week hasn’t been so much of a bad week for me as it has been a week for discovery. After having so many people recommend me to try out meditation as a way for me to deal with anxiety and depression I decided to give a try. I spent some time, studied various methods and then set aside the time the following day to try to meditate, After a short while meditating my mind ended up drifting to the places you don’t want it to go, The state of mind where seemingly everything feels like it weighs  200kg and you can’t bear the weight of your problems anymore. I decided to call it quits at the time and see if my state of mind changed the next day, It didn’t. I tried three days in a row and every single time I was left alone with my thoughts and had no distractions I ended up in a head space that I really didn’t want to be in. Maybe at some point I will be in a place where meditation will work for me, And maybe I’ll come to enjoy the act of meditating but currently it’s not worth the mental state it puts me in. Now I know that I’m not currently capable of using meditation for helping my mental state, It sucks that it didn’t work but it’s another thing crossed off the list, So  now I can try to find something that does work for me.


Mental Health Mondays

Mental Health Monday: Week 3

Welcome to the third week of Mental Health Mondays!

Hello  everyone and welcome to  Mental Health Monday! This is a weekly installment that will hopefully catch on with other websites and bloggers, whether or not that happens is another story. You can read more over at Mental Health Mondays.

Yet another really difficult week for me, But that’s why I started this series! To give me and others creative outlet for dealing with mental health issues.

I went to a concert this week, It’s a concert that me and my best friend have been looking forward to for months, Years if you count fandom of the band and hoping they do a world tour. They finally played where I live and they put on an amazing show, But it was really hard for me to enjoy the concert due to my anxiety and self-worth issues. Ever since I shut down emotionally after Perineum’s Praeterita: Part I I’ve had a really hard time being an expressive person, It’s not that I don’t feel emotions, quite the opposite in fact it’s just that I don’t express them on my face or with body language as easily as most people. My lack of externally showing emotions coupled with my inability to let go and have fun in public meant that instead of standing up with my best friend and banging my head with her and moving around to the music, I just sat there and watched.

A few times she looked back to me and gestured for me to get up with her and I was screaming at myself to just do it and have fun but I couldn’t, At that point I’d have given anything just to be able to let go of all the crap in my head telling me that I can’t do it and just have fun, But I couldn’t. Not only did I not enjoy myself as much as I should have, But I hampered my friends enjoyment of the show by not participating with her and making her worry about me and my health immediately afterwards. All of this because I can’t bring myself to let go, And not care about what I look like while having fun. Something that seems so simple is so far from being obtainable for me. I was originally going to type “I hate my brain sometimes” but I realized that it’s not my brain that I hate, Today it’s me as a person.


Mental Health Mondays

Mental Health Monday: Week 2

Welcome to the second week of Mental Health Monday!

Hello  everyone and welcome to  Mental Health Monday! This is a weekly installment that will hopefully catch on with other websites and bloggers, whether or not that happens is another story. You can read more over at Mental Health Mondays.

Triggers: Self Harm

This has been a really awful week for me, I’ve been under and immense amount of pressure and stress and I don’t really have any outlets for it currently, So I end up not expressing anything until I explode and do something stupid, That was yesterday. Even with my issues I’ve generally not taken part in self-harm, or at least not often, I can count the number of times that I’ve self-harmed on one hand but I ended up there in the end. When I have allowed myself to self-harm it’s never been cutting or scratching or tearing, I sat in the shower for I don’t know how long punching myself in the leg until my leg and arm were so numb I couldn’t move them anymore. And of course that doesn’t help anything, it’s the day after and I can still barely move my leg, My arm is killing me and now I feel guilty because I allowed myself to do that.  Looking back in hindsight  of course it makes zero sense that beating the crap out of yourself is going to not only injure you but put you in a negative mood, But when you’re breaking down and the only thoughts in your head are about how screwed you are and how much you hate yourself sometimes your body moves seemingly of its own accord, Like that’s what it was meant to do and your brain was just holding it back with logic and self worth. Thanks for reading.


Mental Health Mondays

Mental Health Monday: Week 1

Welcome to the first week of Mental Health Monday!

Hello  everyone and welcome to the first week of Mental Health Monday! This is going to be a weekly installment that I hopefully catches on with other websites and bloggers, whether or not that happens is another story. You can read more over at Mental Health Mondays.

I recreated what a typical panic attack looks like for me when I’m in bed, I’ve been dealing with a lot more of them lately, But I’ve found that listening to familiar music really helps me out and keeps me grounded while I am going through it.


Mental Health Mondays

Review: SPUNK Pure Silicone Lube

Its got spunk! Its got style!


Spunk Lube, It’s a bit of an odd name but it makes sense when you realize the majority of their lineup is meant to replicate ejaculate in both colour and consistency. The pure silicone version I have is a little different though, It’s clear rather than white and it’s not quite as thick as the hybrid silicone lube offered by Spunk Lube but I think that’s just due to the nature of silicone lubes. I was sent the 236ml(8oz) bottle to review but Spunk Lube offer tiny 59ml(2oz) containers all the way up to 3.78L(128oz) jugs! The 236ml bottle stand about 19cm tall and is pure black with the logo written on the side in green, the top has a snap top lid and on the side of the container the logo is displayed prominently with product info and ingredients listed around back.

Front spunk lube label

Speaking of ingredients there are only 4 and my research didn’t find anything to be concerned about which is nice, You don’t have to worry about Glycerin, Parabens or other nasties with this lube. Often times companies will put sweeteners or flavour additives in to make the lube smell or taste better but these can cause bad reactions with certain people as well as generally not being the greatest thing to have slathered on your groin. If you are curious about what goes into lube and what you should look out for that information has already been compiled by people much more qualified than myself, Such as the Lorax of Sex in her post Adventure In Lube-Land.

Also worthy of mentioning is the interaction with Silicone lubes and various other materials, Generally speaking you do not want to use a silicone lube with silicone toys as the two materials react with one another and can cause damage to the toy, Although in theory if a toy is made from high-grade silicone and the lube is made from high-grade silicone there should be no interaction between the two, This hasn’t been entirely my experience but I do plan on doing some in-depth testing of this soon. Silicone lube is however completely compatible on Skin, Glass, Stone, Wood toys, and Latex Condoms

Rear spunk lube label

In Use

I don’t really know what I was expecting when I asked to try out a pure silicone lube, I guess I just expected it to be like water based lube but be slightly more resistant to drying out but I’m happy to report I was very wrong in that assumption.

Let me just say that this stuff is slick, Seriously Slick, Slapstick comedy sliding around the room slick and it’s wonderful. The first thing that really struck me as being significantly different with this opposed to water based lubes is that not once in using this have I ever had to reapply lube, It simply doesn’t dry out! 60+ minutes and it’s still as slick as when I first put it on. I decided to test how long it would actually take for the lube to start drying out or its performance started to dwindle, I put some on my skin and checked every 15 minutes and it took almost 4 hours before I noticed any significant change and even then I’m not sure if that was because the lube started to dry or because my skin started to absorb it, When it does start to dry as well it doesn’t go tacky either which is big plus!

While the lube is definitely thicker than most silicone lubes it was still fairly thin and the first couple times I applied it I ended up using way more than was required, Later I would realize that it wasn’t entirely because I poured too much out but that fact that you need so little of this stuff in use! A couple good-sized drops was all I ever needed for skin on skin sessions and for toys a little goes a very long way indeed.

Poor Danbo, Its raining Spunk!

Poor Danbo, Its raining SPUNK!

Spunk says that their pure silicone lube is odor and taste free, And I would agree but I wouldn’t recommend getting any in your mouth as it has a tendency to coat your mouth like a film of oil, which brings me to the topic of cleanup afterwards, All that non drying super slickness has to have some sort of caveat right? Well cleanup is where this lube gets a bit tricky, Silicone lubes are non water soluble which makes them amazing for playing around in wet environments like the shower or hot tub but it makes them incredibly hard to wash off. When it came to washing it off of skin I found a good bar of soap where I could apply force to the area really helped get all the lube off but when it came to toys I couldn’t really find a method that consistently worked in a timely manner, Just keep washing until you don’t feel any more lube.

Final Thoughts – Spunk Pure Silicone Lube

Overall I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by my first pure silicone lube, And by how different it felt and behaved vs water based lubes. Not having to reapply lube at all during a masturbation session was great, It felt somehow fancier than constantly having to reapply lube mid session. Using it with a glass toy was equally as satisfying providing an extremely slick surface to work with and easily became my favourite lube of choice when using the few glass toys I have.

The big negative with Spunk Pure Silicone and all pure silicone lubes is how hard they are to wash off when you’re done, So if you really dislike fighting with lube this might not be right for you, Personally I mostly use the lube just before or while I’m in the shower because then I’m already in the right place to properly clean everything off. But if you’re looking for a non drying, extremely slick lube I can whole heartily recommend Spunk Pure Silicone to be added to your lube collection. If you’re interested in picking some up you can do some directly from their webpage here.


A big thank you to Spunk Lube and STR8cam Jeff who sent me this product to review in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Review: Tantus P-Spot

Tantus review time again! And this time I have my hands on another one of Tantus’s prostate toys, The P-Spot! But this ones a biggin’…Seems like thats a trend for me lately.


Packaging is typical Tantus fare with the toy being encased in a plastic clamshell wrapped in tastefully designed cardboard free of nudity and distasteful imagery.


And in this corner wearing matte black and weighing in at a staggering 305g its the Tantus P-spot! In the other corner cowering in fear, clutching a bottle of lube its my butt! The P-Spot is an intimidating looking piece of kit but once you get over its initial intimidation factor it’s really a well proportioned toy.

The entire toy stands just under 20cm tall and at its widest spans 4.3cm, making this toy no slouch in the size department. It’s a bit of a wonky looking toy overall as well, For lack of a better way of putting it the toy looks more like a utilitarian tool rather than something that immediately jumps out at you as intended to provide pleasure. In usual Tantus fashion the P-spot is made from their 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone and is incredibly high quality, The silicone used in the P-Spot is of the matte variety and feels extremely smooth and velvety to the touch.

Instead of a ‘tip’ the P-Spot has a large bulb on the end that slightly tapers into the rest of the toy but it does so at an angle, The rest of the toy is rather odd-looking, The shaft of the toy goes through several width changes throughout its length, Right underneath the tip of the toy is a flat section with two slightly angled sides, directly below that is an indented section with an upwards angle. The toys got a nice thick chunky base that makes it really stable standing up but it’s not overly large which makes it easy to hold if you need to, And adorning that base is the now all familiar Tantus logo.

Keen observers or people familiar with Tantus’s lineup may have realized that this toy looks a bit familiar to another toy offered by Tantus by the name of the G-Spot, And they would be right because the toys are actually identical in shape with only one major difference, The G-Spot has a receptacle for a bullet vibe on the bottom, A feature that is oddly missing from the P-Spot.

In Use

Initially I thought that I was going to have a really hard time with the P-Spot given its fairly large size and lack of any taper but I was very pleasantly surprised with how easy this toy was to insert and use, I’m not sure if that says more about the design of the toy or my bodies steady increasing ability to take larger toys.

After a sufficient warm up and a surprisingly small amount of lube the toy was very easy to work with, Even though the silicone is matte it becomes extremely slippery when lube is applied and is probably one of the slickest toys I’ve come across when in use. Because of the toys long length I was easily able to have a good portion of the toy slick with lubricant and still have plenty of toy leftover to hold on too.


Once inserted and comfortable the P-Spot started to show its true nature as a prostate seeking pleasure magnet, It effortlessly found its way to my prostate and immediately started seating it’s place in my collection as a new favourite for prostate massager. I’m not sure if its due to the large size of the head or the angle of the it’s placed at, Maybe its both but I’ve never had a toy find my prostate as easily as the P-Spot does. I worried when I first held the toy that the silicone wouldn’t be firm enough to offer strong enough prostate stimulation for me but I’m happy to report that my assumptions were wrong – very wrong, If you want light stimulation the P-Spot can deliver, If you want intense pressure and stimulation the P-Spot can deliver that too!

Pushing the P-Spot towards the prostate offers a really amazingly strong stimulation on the prostate, And due to the size of the toy it offers a great sensation of being full at the same time. If strong stimulation isn’t your thing all I needed to do to tone it down was put some pressure on the toy at an angle away from my prostate and it really cut down on the intensity of the stimulation. The orgasms I can achieve while using this toy are simply wonderful, And are the most powerful prostate orgasms I’ve ever had, This is the first toy that I’ve been able to manipulate well enough to really control the pacing and exact type of stimulation at my will. While the P-Spot certainly wasn’t cumbersome it also wasn’t exactly nimble either, A few times I had caught myself wishing the toy was a bit smaller and easier to maneuver.


Final Thoughts – Tantus P-Spot

If you haven’t been able to tell so far I love this toy, It now sits at the absolute top of my favourites list for prostate toys. I had less than stellar impressions with the Tantus ProTouch and mostly positive impression of the Tantus Prostate Play but that toy never really clicked with me, Finally I have a prostate toy that not only works for me, but actively makes me want to use the toy as often as possible. The only negative things I can say about the P-Spot is that sometimes it can feel a little unwieldy and that I require a warm up in order to use the toy, I love basically everything else about this toy, It’s a great size, Offers intense or mild stimulation, Its comfortable and it’s made of high quality silicone.

The P-Spot might not be a perfect fit for everyone though, I may love it but the size might simply be too much for many people and the firm silicone doesn’t offer much in the way of give either. If you find that direct prostate stimulation is too much for you and you prefer a lighter touch the P-Spot might not be exactly what you’re looking for either, In my case even though I could reduce the amount of stimulation I got from the toy it was still fairly intense.

Tantus really knocked it out of the park on this one for me, I’m almost infatuated with this toy for lack of a better way of putting it. It’s ticks all the right boxes and it gets my highest recommendation for someone looking for a medium to large sized prostate toy. If you’re interested in picking up the P-Spot you can buy it directly from Tantus at the link below or you can check out your favourite retailer.

Link to Tantus for Purchase

A big thank you to Tantus who sent me this product to review in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

HedoVibes Round Up #114


Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

Want to read more reviews? Check out HedoVibes for a list of the latest reviews and stellar reviewers. You can also follow on twitter for the latest round ups. HedoVibes is also accepting photo submissionsfor each edition.













Review: Hole Punch Toys Fluke

Whats that? I haven’t put out a review in how long? No no that can’t be right. It is? Well I apologize for my absence but rest assured this new review is no fluke! What? Ohh just read the review!


I love the simple packaging of the Fluke! It comes in a a plain cardboard tube wrapped in brown padded paper, Maybe it was because of the colours but the package reminded me of that impatient excited feeling you get after buying a nice piece of meat at the butchers (Or maybe that’s just me). On the one side of the tube is the label for the Fluke which has a very suburbia type feel to it. With no moving parts on any of the toys and the cardboard being very dense and sturdy you can rest assured that it will arrive to you unharmed.


Yet again I have another beautiful chunk of silicone on my hands, And what a hefty chunk of silicone it is! This cute and stocky looking thing is the Fluke! This one specifically is in the Miami vice colour which is a wonderful light and darker blue fade.

Fluke Side

The fluke is in a bit of an interesting place as far as design goes, I could see it being labeled as both a dildo or a plug, And even on the store page it’s referred to as a “plug-style piece” lending even more to it’s hybrid nature. The toy stands 14.6cm tall and 5.1cm in diameter (5 3/4″ and 2″ in imperial) so it’s no joke when it comes to girth and takes crown for widest toy in my collection so far.

Starting from the top of the toy it’s got a nice tapered tip that rapidly widens into the full width of 5.1cm at the coronal ridge. The shaft of the toy also has a taper to it and starts from around 4cm and narrows to 3cm at the bottom, right below that is the base which comes in at 6.5cm across which is a very reasonable size and shouldn’t pose an issue for those with small hands.

Underside of Fluke

The entire toy is cast from pure silicone meaning it’s easily cleaned and sterilized as well as being body safe, Hole Punch lists the Fluke as being made from soft silicone but in my experience I’m not sure that soft would be the adjective that I’d use – It’s certainly not hard like some Tantus toys but it’s not really soft either, the only thing I can think of when describing the feel of it is ‘bouncy’ but even that seems slightly wrong. The silicone is wonderfully smooth and matte but doesn’t have a lot of drag to it and the finish on mine is nearly flawless.

The Fluke has several aspects that lend themselves to being both artistic as well as semi realistic, The shape of the head is vaguely reminiscent of the head of a penis but has a very exaggerated and angular coronal ridge, where you would expect to find the urethral dent you instead find a raised ridge that continues from where the lines of the angular coronal ridge intersect, also worth noting is the rounded ridge that runs the length of the “underside” of the toy.

Ιn Use

After the first time I tried using the Fluke I came to the very quick realizations that 4.5cm of soft silicone is nowhere near close to 5.1cm of firmer silicone and that my butt is in fact not magic and  this would require a lot of work and effort on my part in order to give it a fair review.

After a heavily extended period of warm up and what felt like half a bottle of lube I managed to get the Fluke inserted without any discomfort, And what a feeling it was! Having the Fluke in was an incredibly intense feeling and unlike anything I’ve experience to date. The entire time it was inside I had an overwhelming sensation of being filled and of being stretched, At first I didn’t know how to react as I thought I might have inserted the toy too quickly and caused myself some pain or discomfort but when I calmed down I realized it was just the intensity of the sensation throwing me off.

Danbo With Fluke

Thank goodness the tip of the Fluke isn’t anymore blunt than it is, while it has a fairly aggressive taper the width of the toy is so large it still felt really abrupt. The angular coronal ridge I talked about earlier definitely came as a bit of a shock when I felt it going in, while the silicone is isn’t hard by any means the edged formed from the angular design felt like just that – an edge, and it sort of felt like it was digging into me as it passed through.

Those of you who both have prostates and like larger toys should get a wealth of enjoyment from the Fluke, Without any angling or help the Fluke already gives plenty of prostate stimulation but with a slight angle towards the prostate? It was like a battle between the unstoppable force and the immovable object and the aftermath involved massive prostate orgasms. Generally speaking I need really firm pressure on my prostate in order to orgasm from it, And with just a slight forward angle and a bit of wiggling the Fluke back and forth and it was in the sweet spot for prostate orgasms.

Fluke Tip

I found the Fluke too big to use adequately as dildo or thruster but as a plug it served very well, Due to the large size and heavy taper across the whole toy the Fluke sits very very securely, Not once in my using the Fluke did I ever feel like it was in danger of slipping or falling out – Heck I don’t think it even rotated slightly. The base while small is completely round it gets in the way of your butt cheeks, instead of resting between them it pushes them apart, this wasn’t a big issue for me though but I imagine it would be mildly annoying if you were trying to wear it beneath clothes.

Final Thoughts – Hole Punch Toys Fluke

My experience with the Fluke has been an interesting one, I love the design and the aesthetic of the toy and it can produce some powerful prostate orgasms and enhance regular ones but the toy requires so much work and warm up from me that it feels like a chore to use rather than a entirely positive experience, Not to say that it’s a bad toy, no not at all it’s just the kind of toy that seldom sees frequent use but you’re still glad you have it in your collection for when you feel like using it again.

If you really enjoy a sense of fullness and being stretched the Fluke should definitely be on your shortlist of toys to buy, And if you can handle the 5.1cm girth and you’re equipped with a prostate it can also deliver some powerful and almost effortless prostate orgasms. While I didn’t  overly enjoy the overly angular edge of the coronal ridge or the round base which had a tendency to get in the way they never detracted from the toy itself and my experience with those features are from a purely anal point of view and may not be an issue if used vaginally or by someone more experienced than I.

Hole Punch Toys offers the Fluke for $54USD which for a toy of this size and quality is a steal. If you are interested in picking up the Fluke or any of the other colourful and interesting offerings from Hole Punch you can do so here.

A big thank you to Hole Punch Toys for sending this out to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Review: Tails and Portholes Male Nereid

Dildo off the starboard  bow! Today I’m taking an in depth look at handmade creation that screams of character and charm.

About Tails and Portholes

Tails and Portholes is an Etsy shop that specializes in mermaid and mermaid themed items, In this case it’s a dildo but Brandie the store owner also offers items such as custom sea shells or even mermaid bras! Tails and Portholes is a home run business and between choosing what colours you want and the imperfect nature of homemade products the items offered have a very personal quality to them, While the products are homemade Brandie is constantly improving her methods and uses top notch materials in her creations. If you’re interested in checking out the store you can find it here, Brandie is also very active and involved in the community and can be reached at her twitter account here.


I received my package from Tails and Portholes before they had established a system for packing and shipping them, Mine arrived to me wrapped in a plastic bag that was slipped inside a bubble mailer, But if you order one now it comes in an appropriately sized unmarked brown cardboard box. Sadly I don’t have any photos of the newer packaging or my original packaging either but the dildo is pure silicone and should arrive to you in perfect health!


Look at it! Just look at it! When I was asked what colour I wanted my dildo to be all I said was “surprise me” and little did I know that I would get this glorious piece of silicone in the mail! And seemingly by magic Brandie knew that earth tones are my favourite and I got this lovely pale green an coppery brown mixture that I just adore.

The Male Nereid is a fantasy dildo but not to an extreme extent, It’s more like a semi-realistic dildo with some fantasy elements added in, Typically fantasy theme dildos tend to be on the larger side but I’m happy to report that the Male Nereid is a very reasonable size at 12.7cm of insertable length and 4.5cm diameter.

Looking at the Male Nereid from the “top” you would never really know that it’s a fantasy dildo but once you see the bottom you realize that this isn’t your average silicone penis, Along the back side of the dildo is a ridge of overlapping scales that run the entirety of the instertable length. The shaft of the toy has a nice curve to it and the thickness of the shaft isn’t consistent throughout with it being the thickest about 1/3rd of the way down from the tip of the toy, and speaking of the tip it’s worth mentioning that the Nereid has wonderful semi-realistic head with a clearly defined coronal ridge making this toy a really interesting mixture of fantasy and realism. Also included in the package is a suction cup base (No longer offered on orders) on the dildo but sadly mine doesn’t seem to work too terribly well, It’s enough to keep the dildo in place on a floor or other flat surface but not enough to hang it off a wall.

Beautiful colours aside the Nereid is made from not one but two densities of silicone, this is a handmade custom ordered dual density dildo! The outer section that you can touch and feel is wonderfully squishy and I’ve spent far more time that I would care to admit just staring and squishing this dildo for fun , At the center of the toy is a much firmer core that you can feel throughout about 2/3rds of the toy. The dual density core in mine is situated a little closer to the top smooth side of the dildo making that side feel a little bit harder than the back side with the scales.

There are some issues with the Nereid though, I received a very early copy of the toy before the owner had a vacuum chamber for removing air bubbles in the silicone so my Nereid is spattered with small bubbles and holes across various parts of the toy. Never did I feel like the bubbles or imperfections made the toy fragile or prone to breaking but the cavities can harbor bacteria and other nasties so extra attention while cleaning mine is an absolute must. With the addition of the vacuum chamber and a refinement of her process this shouldn’t be an issue for anything placing an order now but since they are present on my copy I thought it warranted mentioning.

Base Closeup

In use

I’ll be honest, the first time I tried this toy out I hated it but I’m really glad I kept an open mind and kept trying different things because I really do love this toy now.

After getting sufficiently warmed up and using a healthy dose of water based lube (Remember that silicone lube and silicone toys don’t mix) I inserted the dildo, The head felt great and immediately after getting the head in you’re greeted by that ridge of scales. While the scales are going in they feel wonderful and I didn’t expect them to feel as prominent as they are given how soft the silicone is, on the way out is where I encountered a problem, The tip of the scales on their way out felt really grabby and extremely unpleasant, It felt a like they were getting caught and pulling at my butt and was borderline painful.  All was not lost though as I kept at it after a few uses I just realized that there is no way I could thrust this toy with any speed, I could move the toy in at a reasonable speed but I had to go amazingly slow on the way out, We’re talking glacially slow here but that has its benefits as it really allowed me to focus on the texture and feel.

Nereid Profile

At the time of my first using it the Male Nereid was by far the girthiest toy I had used and it took a lot of time and practice for me to be able to use it comfortably, And of course a good helping of lube.  The Male Nereid gave me the biggest sense of fullness I’ve ever experienced with a toy, I never really considered myself a girth-aficionado before but this may have just converted me. Surprisingly given how filling the Male Nereid is I didn’t get a ton of prostate stimulation instead it was a nice constant pressure that made me feel very full along with the warm sensation I get with prostate play.

Nereid With Necklace

A necklace came with mine made from extra silicone during molding.

The base of the Nereid while not being that great as a suction cup is a great to hold while you’re using it, The soft silicone coupled with the small size of the base makes it really easy to get a solid and comfortable grip even with lube everywhere and never did my hand feel like it was cramping or getting tired from holding onto the base.

Final Thoughts – Tails and Portholes Male Nereid

Even though my original impressions were of extreme discomfort and borderline pain things really turned around once I started using the dildo a little differently.

Overall I really like the Male Nereid from Tails and Portholes but it’s not without it faults, Most of my major complaints have been fixed in the newer version of the toy though, The new version has a thicker base and should be air bubble free meaning cleaning won’t be as tedious.  While I do enjoy the full sensation it gives me getting to a point where I can comfortably insert a toy this wide is a lot of work for me and because of that this isn’t a toy I can use as frequently as I would like.

Issues aside the toy really feels great in use, even though I have to go really slow there was never a point at which I felt the toy was lacking in it’s ability to stimulate. Something about the Male Nereid just feels very comforting and welcoming, Maybe its the super soft and delightful silicone or maybe it’s because there is no other dildo like this but I’ve grown strangely attached to it and it now has a place among my favourites.

The real winning factor here though is the price! Tails and Portholes are selling the toy for only $55USD which is an amazing deal for such a beautiful handmade dildo. If you know that you can handle the 4.5cm girth or you’re  just looking for a nice easy stepping stone into the realm of fantasy dildos the Male Nereid is an amazing choice. If you’re interested in picking it up you can find it at their Etsy shop at the link below.


A big thank you to Tails and Portholes for sending this out to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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